Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Pacific Northwest Convention-Oregon

Portland, Oregon

October 17-18, 1998

Saturday, October 17

The seventh annual session of the Pacific Northwest Convention-Oregon was held at the Sellwood Community Center on the third Sunday of October and the Saturday before.

Chairman Marie Brandis opened the session and introduced Gaylon Powell of Texas. The morning session was turned over to Gaylon Powell for a singing school. All of the songs on Saturday morning were from the Cooper Edition, and Mr. Powell introduced the class to the songs beloved in Texas that are unique to the Cooper edition. Songs sung during the school from this edition were: 404, 507b, 558, 559, 522, 225t, 511t, 511b, 512, 505, 515, 563, 572, 573, 491, 84, 392, 571, 336t, 336b, 39, 98, 497, 140, 156, 229, 393t, 410, 450, and 496t.


The afternoon session was called to order by Marie Brandis leading song on page 82.

The following appointments were made: Finance Committee—Katharine Hough; Resolutions—Kathy Vlach; Memorial Committee—Reed Schilbach and Susan Helf.

The Denson edition was the predominantly used book this weekend; where songs were led from the Cooper Edition, a (C) follows the page number.

Leaders: Gaylon Powell 480, 442; Katharine Hough 569b, 114; Reed Schilbach 324, 61; Ken Cofield 48t, 49t; Bruce Rowland 532, 282; Anne Huckins 31t, 66; David Hough 73t, 448; Craig Brandis 58, 112; Shannon McGuire 313b, 242; James Brock 84, 344.


Karen Willard brought the class to order leading songs on pages 323t and 349. Leaders: David Zawarski 268, 178; Susan Helf 497, 163b; Marie Brandis 384, 515; Jean Marcotte 147t, 267; Wilfred Marcotte 184, 146; Jan Evans 49, 86; Jinx McGuire 148, 209. Announcements were made. The class was dismissed with prayer by David Zawarski.

Sunday, October 18

The convention was brought to order by Marie Brandis. Leaders: Gaylon Powell 478 (C), 133 (C); Kathy Vlach 479, 280; Alexis Drum 163t, 448t; Suzanne Denker 189b, 180; John Carson 386 (C), 408 (C); Katharine Hough 378b, 377; Jane Grant 344, 147t; Meg Larson 178, 47t; Leigh Van Sickle 40, 143; Gaylon Powell 365, 216; Bruce Rowland 44, 32t; Marie Brandis 34b, 480.


The singing resumed with Anne Huckins leading songs on pages 277 and 142. Leaders: David Hough 296, 371; Shannon McGuire 458, 504; James Brock 336b (C), 449 (C); Karen Willard 312t, 559 (C); Wendy Gilchrist 503, 268; Susan Helf 56b, 299; Jean Marcotte 154, 551; Reed Schilbach 213t, 85.


The class was brought back to order by Jinx McGuire leading songs on pages 455 and 159.

The Memorial Lesson was begun by Reed Schilbach noting that although our music reminds us that death is always with us and that we will eventually lose all and everyone that we love, it also tells us that death is not final—we can look forward to meeting in a brighter world to sing together once more. Also, even as we listen to the names being read today we know that someday our names will be likewise read out, and can take comfort in knowing that we will be remembered in our turn. Reed Schilbach led song on page 122 for these deceased: Ken Sowards, Catherine Cessna, Michael Redwine, Betty Chamberlain, Louie Smith, Herbert Leopard, and Dan Poling. Susan Helf led song on page 340 for the following sick and shut-ins: Dodge Wiggins, Roy Alin, Jim Lykins, Verna Powell, Ed Craig, Alcie Craig, and Lucille Lemke.

Leaders: Kathy Vlach 495, 198; Kurt Liebezeit 141, 186; Alexis Drum 474, 117; Suzanne Denker 183, 53.


John Carson brought the class to order leading songs on pages 501 (C) and 393t (C). Leaders: Jane Grant 31t, 497; David Hough 385t, 99; Leigh Van Sickle 523b, 385b; Gaylon Powell 328, 528; John Kellerman 77t, 112; Jill Accetta 235, 475; Karen Willard 330b, 36b; Susan Helf 66, 217.

The Resolutions Report was given by Kathy Vlach who expressed the warm appreciation felt by all for the hard work and dedicated efforts undertaken by the many, named to much applause, who made this convention a success. Special thanks were tendered to Gaylon Powell for his cheerful sharing of the special Texas brand of Sacred Harp singing.

Announcements were made. This convention will meet again next year at this same location. Marie Brandis led song on page 62 as the closing song, and all who wished took the parting hand. David Zawarski closed the convention with prayer.

Chairman—Marie Brandis; Secretary—Craig Brandis.