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Southwest Texas Sacred Harp Convention,
Spring Session

McMahan, Texas

May 28-29, 2022

Saturday, May 28

The 121st annual Southwest Texas Convention, Spring Session, met Saturday before the fifth Sunday in May at Bethel Primitive Baptist Church at McMahan, Texas. The tune book for the weekend was the 2012 Revision of The B.F. White Sacred Harp (Cooper Book), unless otherwise noted. Tom Owen called the class to order by leading 418. Elder Philip Conley offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Tom Owen 68b; Riley Owen 285t; Bruce Coates 31b; Beverly Coates and Silas Huckaby 464; Seth Howard and Adeline Howard 148; Elizabeth Conley 40; Jeb Owen 96; Asa Conley and Patrick Curren 388; Sarah Huckaby 140; Jackson Owen 235; Vickie Cook 335; Scott McCown 558; Ian Moseley 67; David Berryhill 492; Abigail Curren 146; Philip Conley 142; Ellie Curren 367; Gary Rogan 168; Lauren Owen 39; Silas Huckaby 442t; Weston Bowles 155.


Tom Owen led 85 to call the class together. A business meeting was held. The following officers were elected to serve in the upcoming year: Chairman—Riley Owen; Vice Chairman—Silas Huckaby; Secretaries—Gaylon Powell and Kristie Powell. Leaders: Linda Booker 293b; Adeline Howard 282; Stuart Ivey 30b; Abigail Huckaby 444t; Reba Windom 505; John Mark Quarles 411; Elizabeth Stoddard 32b; Luke Addison 38b; Bridget Jamison 244; Addison Bowles and Abigail Huckaby 572; Mark Rowell and Graham Rowell 450; Karen Rollins 222; Jared Wootten 77t; Janie Short 569; Daniel Williams 105b; Priscilla Wiggins 47t; Jamey Wootten 68t; Cheyenne Ivey 98; Kris Wiggins 395b; Catherine Rogan 99; David Ivey 416t; Kyle Hearn 300; Daniel Allcock 159; Zach Rogan and Landry Rogan 186. Elder Mark Rowell asked the blessing before the noon meal.


Leaders: Riley Owen 138t; David Moseley 198; Robert Stoddard 32t; Rodney Ivey and Jamey Wootten 398b; Scott Ivey 567; Mike Hinton 478; Greg Bowles 378t; Michele Curren 356; Vivian Rogan 559; Amanda Bowles 299; Scott Curren 543; Prisca Rice 311; Liz Owen 192; Gaylon Powell 86; Tammy Powell 553; David Ivey 210; Emily Rogan and Kara Beth Addison 58; Alex Hawk 260; Jamey Wootten 162; Cheyenne Ivey 511t; Daniel Williams 152; Ian Moseley 61; Jared Wootten 31t; Karen Rollins and Rodney Ivey 365.


Leaders: Silas Huckaby 101t; Bridget Jamison 106; Lillie Moseley and Elsie Moseley 348t; Luke Addison 329; Elizabeth Stoddard 150; John Mark Quarles 47b; Reba Windom and Pam Nunn 137; David Moseley and Elsie Moseley 216; David Berryhill 427; Stuart Ivey 189; Robert Stoddard 400; Scott Ivey 286b; Prisca Rice 447t; Mark Rowell and Graham Rowell 217; Ellee Curren, Addison Bowles, and Lauren Owen 60; Asa Conley, Patrick Curren, Weston Bowles, and Riley Owen 571; Abigail Huckaby and Elizabeth Conley 319; Kris Wiggins and Priscilla Wiggins 408; Emily Rogan, Kara Beth Addison, Liz Owen 171; Kyle Hearn 110; Greg Bowles and Amanda Bowles 290. Riley Owen appointed Seth Howard and Silas Huckaby to serve on the memorial committee, and then led 268t for the closing song. The closing prayer was worded by Elder Luke Addison.

Sunday, May 29

The Sunday session of the Southwest Texas Convention began with Riley Owen leading 293b. Elder Jeb Owen offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Riley Owen 108b; Silas Huckaby 331t; Gaylon Powell 203; Michele Curren 183; Janie Short 575; Jeb Owen 422b; Daniel Allcock 159; Beverly Coates 195; Scott Curren 200; Linda Booker 199; Lauren Owen 463; Kris Wiggins 269; Scott Ivey 497; Mike Hinton 544; Adeline Howard 45t; Daniel Williams 563; Priscilla Wiggins 485; Robert Stoddard 573; Abigail Curren 571; Mark Rowell and Graham Rowell 440b; Tammy Powell 383; Prisca Rice 567; Kara Beth Addison and Lauren Owen 572; Patrick Curren 421; Jared Wootten 331b; Karen Rollins 119; Lynnette Howard 393.


Leaders: Silas Huckaby 36b; Sarah Huckaby 225t; Elizabeth Stoddard 373; Katheryn Howard 587; Bridget Jamison 514; Abigail Huckaby 319; Liz Owen 220; Reba Windom 414; Jackson Owen 212.

The memorial lesson was held at this time. Silas Huckaby read the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Elder Sonny Huckaby, Kristie Powell, Cassandra Baker, Cheryl Foreman; Howard Aiken, Martha Aiken, Lloyd Caldwelll, Charlie Brown, Morris Nelms, Nate Green, Norma Green, and Leon Ballinger. He led 380t on their behalf.

Seth Howard read the following list of names of those that passed away since we met last year: Landis Powell, David Rousseau, Sylvia Ross, Leo Stanley, Stephen Hutcheson—Texas; Coy Ivey, Joan Aldridge—Alabama; Mary Ann Caldwell—Georgia; Linda Funderburk—Mississippi; Jubal Schultz—Missouri; Baron Powers—Louisiana; Rebecca Over—United Kingdom. He made comments, and then invited Gaylon Powell and Rodney Ivey to join him in leading 47t. The memorial lesson closed with prayer by Elder Mark Rowell.

Leaders: Catherine Rogan 218; Cheyenne Ivey 511b; Ellee Curren 60; David Berryhill 312; Rodney Ivey 133, 465; Jamey Wootten 129; Carol Rowell and Graham Rowell 343; Bruce Coates 507b; Gary Rogan 48t; Seth Howard 484; Robert Stoddard 54t; Elizabeth Stoddard 392. Gary Rogan asked the blessing before the noon meal.


Leaders: Riley Owen 68t; Tom Owen 95b; Scott Ivey 292b; Daniel Williams 271b; Jared Wootten 313; Karen Rollins 207b; Bridget Jamison 380b; Reba Windom 478; Cheyenne Ivey 137; Abigail Curren 367; Jackson Owen 404; David Berryhill 348t; Ellee Curren 146; Rodney Ivey 207t; Tammy Powell and Reba Windom 384; Jamey Wootten 72; Abigail Huckaby 77t; Kara Beth Addison, Riley Owen, and Ellee Curren 31t; Patrick Curren 274t; Mike Hinton 78; Daniel Allcock 300; Linda Booker 38t. Announcements were made.

Leaders: Lauren Owen 47b; Janie Short 76b; Liz Owen 224; Sarah Huckaby and Silas Huckaby 470; Scott Curren 196; Jeb Owen 397; Beverly Coates 527; Gary Rogan 276; Bruce Coates 264; Catherine Rogan 217; Tom Owen and Mary Owen 99 (The Good Old Songs); Silas Huckaby, Riley Owen, and Jackson Owen 138t; Gaylon Powell 91.

Riley Owen, Silas Huckaby, and Gaylon Powell led “Blissful Hope” (no. 6 from The Good Old Songs). David Berryhill offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Riley Owen; Vice Chairman—Silas Huckaby; Secretaries—Gaylon Powell and Kristie Powell