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Rusk County Convention

Pine Grove Church, Henderson, Texas

April 23-24, 2022

Saturday, April 23

The 13th annual Rusk County Convention met Saturday before the fourth Sunday in April at Old Pine Grove Church near Henderson, Texas. The tune book for Saturday was the 2012 Revision of The B.F. White Sacred Harp (Cooper Book). With the absence of the Chairman, Vice Chairman Chris Nicholson called the class to order by reading Ps. 150, and leading 31b (CB). John Huffman offered the opening prayer.

A business meeting was held and the following officers were elected: Chairman—Chris Nicholson; Vice Chairman—Henry McGuire; Secretary—Gaylon Powell.

Leaders: Chris Nicholson 30b (CB); Henry McGuire 563 (CB), 464 (CB); Gaylon Powell 567 (CB), 536 (CB); Janie Short 268t (CB), 511t (CB); Robert Vaughn 119 (CB), 81 (CB); Cindy Tanner 486 (CB), 505 (CB); John Huffman 38t (CB), 571 (CB); Lisa Matt 133 (CB), 148 (CB).


Leaders: Chris Nicholson 72 (CB); Danny Creel 404 (CB), 355 (CB); Prisca Rice 142 (CB), 143 (CB); Sonya Kirkham 330t (CB), 47b (CB); Daniel Allcock 46 (CB), 422t (CB); Kristie Powell 411 (CB), 514 (CB); John Berendzen 163b (CB), 156 (CB); Katie Huffman 504t (CB), 54t (CB). Gaylon Powell asked a blessing before the noon meal.


Leaders: Chris Nicholson 32t (CB); Will McGuire 111t (CB), 300 (CB); Emily Brown 140 (CB), 86 (CB); Ryan Lewis 587 (CB), 203 (CB); Charlie McGuire 121 (CB), 149 (CB); Ann Jett 518 (CB), 503 (CB); Charity Vaughn 468 (CB), 212 (CB); Henry McGuire 574 (CB); Gaylon Powell 497 (CB); Janie Short 569 (CB); Robert Vaughn 568 (CB); Cindy Tanner 229 (CB); John Huffman 515 (CB); Lisa Matt 290 (CB). Chris Nicholson appointed Robert Vaughn and John Huffman to serve on the memorial committee.


Leaders: Chris Nicholson 63 (CB); Danny Creel 522 (CB); Prisca Rice 470 (CB); Sonya Kirkham 269 (CB); John Berendzen 524 (CB); Will McGuire 513t (CB); Katie Huffman 507b (CB); Daniel Allcock 224 (CB); Kristie Powell 98 (CB); Emily Brown 380t (CB); Ryan Lewis 381t (CB); Charlie McGuire 501 (CB); Ann Jett 39 (CB). Chris Nicholson led 47t (CB) as the closing song. Robert Vaughn closed the singing with prayer.

Sunday, April 24

The Sunday session of the convention was held in conjunction with the Pine Grove Cemetery Homecoming. The tune book for Sunday was the 2010 Revision of The Christian Harmony. Chris Nicholson read Ps. 29 (t? b?), and led 59t (CH). The opening prayer was offered by Robert Vaughn.

Leaders: Chris Nicholson 204t (CH); Henry McGuire 111b (CH), 172 (CH); Gaylon Powell 203 (CH), 138 (CH); Charles Whitmer 35b (CH), 540 (CH); Ann Jeff 93 (CH), 149 (CH); John Huffman 245 (CH), 81t (CH); Kristie Powell 29 (CH), 548 (CH); Cindy Tanner 493b (CH), 322 (CH); Prisca Rice 67b (CH), 432b (CH); John Berendzen 546b (CH), 143 (CH).


Leaders: Chris Nicholson 31t (CH); Tammy Powell 168b (CH), 64 (CH); Daniel Allcock 142 (CH), 256t (CH); Katie Huffman 307 (CH), 419b (CH); Danny Creel 186 (CH), 308 (CH); Charlie McGuire 284 (CH), 289 (CH).

The memorial lesson was held at this time. John Huffman read Matt 3:23, and read the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Bruce Ray, Peggy Ray, Alice McGuire, Marlon Wootten, Charlotte Powell, and Shane Wootten. He led 133 (CH), and offered prayer on their behalf.

Robert Vaughn read Rev. 14:13 and read the following list of names of those that have passed away since we last met: David Rousseau, Sylvia Ross, Tina Beard-Bryant, Leo Stanley, Stephen Hutcheson, Landis Powell—Texas; Coy Ivey, Joan Aldridge—Alabama; Linda Funderburk—Mississippi; Jubal Schultz—Missouri; Baron Powers—Louisiana; Rebecca Over—United Kingdom; Karen Fears, Pat Casterline, Glenda Howard—Recent burials at Pine Grove Cemetery. He led 359 (CH) and offered prayer to close the memorial lesson. The noon prayer was offered at the dinner tables.


Leaders: Chris Nicholson 338b (CH); Janie Short 255 (CH), 184 (CH); Will McGuire 385 (CH), 318 (CH); Emily Brown 51 (CH), 43 (CH); Lisa Matt 130b (CH), 117 (CH); Robert Vaughn 19 (CH), 82b (CH); Cindy Tanner 54 (CH); John Huffman 60 (CH); Henry McGuire 326 (CH); Ann Jett 180 (CH); Prisca Rice 225b (CH); Katie Huffman 470 (CH); Danny Creel 316 (CH); Daniel Allcock 206 (CH); Emily Brown 372 (CH); Charles Whitmer 246 (CH).

After some announcements, Chris Nicholson led 76b (CH). The class was dismissed with prayer offered by Danny Creel.

Chairman—Chris Nicholson; Vice Chairman—Henry McGuire; Secretary—Gaylon Powell