Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Golden Gate Singing

Pacifica, California

Saturday, April 23, 2022

The 16th annual Golden Gate Singing was held at Pedro Point Firehouse in Pacifica, California, on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in April. Leah Coffin called the class together leading 48t, and then offered the opening prayer.

In a business meeting, the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairperson—Maggie Zhou; Vice Chairperson—J.T. Harechmak; Secretary—Sumie Arnold; Treasurer—Joel Chan.

Leaders: Maggie Zhou 32t; J.T. Harechmak 276; Sumie Arnold 313b; Linda Selph 56b; Greg Freed 154; Wren Hyde 141; Susan Fetcho 206; Leigh Cooper 225t; Dave Barber 105; Jenny Solheim 542; Alex Forsyth 56t; Jonas Powell 228; Linnea Sablonsky 532; Hugh McGuire 216; Betsy Jeronen 392; Jeff McLeod 166; Bob Schinske 146.


J.T. Harechmak brought the group together leading 36b. Leaders: Jenny Solheim 377; Julie Powers and J.T. Harechmak 47b; Dan Harper 46; Pat Coghlan 351 (in memory of Steve Helwig); Hannah Blair 385b; Alex Forsyth 283; Maggie Zhou 534; Linnea Sablonsky 430; Jonas Powell 29t; Lindy Groening 299; Jeff McCloud 73t; Leah Coffin 328; Linda Selph 217; Bob Schinske 215; Wren Hyde 372; Dave Barber 42; Betsy Jeronen 422; Susan Fetchow 464; Greg Freed 432.


Wren Hyde brought the class together leading 39b. Leaders: Leigh Cooper 318; Hugh McGuire 254; Sumie Arnold 178; Joel Chan 284; Janet Herman 547; Alexander Cotton 481; Lindy Groening 332.

David Barber led 172 in honor of the sick and homebound and in memorial of the perspective and compassion that the Covid era provided for the experiences of those who are unable to move freely through the world.

Hannah Blair conducted the memorial lesson focusing on the joy and love that can come with death and dying. She led 503 in honor of the following deceased: David Fetcho, Michael Medema, Wayne Mitchell, Stephen O’Leary, M.K. Brown, Betty Herman, David Herman, Annabelle Schutter, Scott Kane, Judy Collier—California; Tom Deacy—Missouri; Don Forsyth—Pennsylvania; Larry Gordon—Vermont; Solomon Ossa, Gloria Barber, Peter Schinske—Washington; Rebecca Over—United Kingdom; Merv Horst—New York; Joan Aldridge, Mary Ruth Stiefel, Vernon Stiefel, Coy Ivey—Alabama; Sonny Erwin and Myrl Jones—Texas.

Linda Selph spoke in honor of David Fetcho, a beloved local singer who passed away in the last year. She spoke of David’s many contributions to the Bay Area singing community over the last 20 years, and led 34t. Leah Coffin offered a prayer to close the memorial lesson.

The class resumed singing with Carolyn Deacy leading 285t. Leaders: Jonas Powell 163b; Maggie Zhou 348t; Pat Coghlan 214 (in memory of David Forster). Leah Coffin offered the prayer before the noon meal.


Dave Barber brought the class together leading 460. Leaders: Alex Forsyth 383; Betsy Jeronen 436; J.T. Harechmak 234; Linnea Sablonsky 306; Bob Schinscke 550; Pat Coghlan 492; Jeff McCloud 135: Leah Coffin 245; Hugh McGuire 224; Susan Fetcho 390; Jenny Solheim 269.


Leah Coffin brought the class together leading 108t. Leaders: Greg Freed 227; Janet Herman 440; Hannah Blair 472; Alexander Cotton 272; Joel Chan 445; Linda Selph 312t; Dan Harper 236.

In a business meeting, the Treasurer reported expenses had been met. The Secretary reported at least thirty-six singers from three states sang seventy-five songs led by twenty-three leaders. The Resolutions Committee, Wren Hyde and Alexander Cotton, thanked those who made the singing possible, and presented a resolution to convene again next year. The business meeting was closed.

The officers led 347 as the closing song, and singers took the parting hand. Leah Coffin offered the closing prayer.

Chairperson—Maggie Zhou; Vice Chairperson—J.T. Harechmak; Secretary—Sumie Arnold