Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Mount Pisgah Singing Society (Cooper Book)

Chambers County, Alabama

May 23, 1998

The annual all day singing of the Society was called to order at 8:55 a.m. by Chairman Don Clark leading song on page 496t. Elder Ben S. Keeble, pastor of Mount Pisgah Church, offered the morning prayer.

After a short welcome address, Don Clark announced that by a previous appointment on the last first Sunday afternoon, officers for the society were elected for the ensuing year as follows: Chairman—Don Clark; Vice Chairman—John Etheridge; Secretary—Regina Clark. Don Clark led song on page 293b.

Leaders: John Etheridge 145t, 345t; Regina Clark 100, 74b (for Mr. and Mrs. Theo Grayson and Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Clark who were unable to attend); Velton Chafin 152, 86; Mike Jones 47b, 435; Elder Ben Keeble 440b, 47t; Henry Johnson 388, 288; Eugene Hickox 83b, 336t; Mary Elizabeth Lee 358, 361; Clarke Lee 563 (requested by Leonard Price); Leonard price 290 (by request and to remember Ralph and Lurleen Heath); Jackie Tanner 182, 298.


Vice Chairman John Etheridge brought the class to order leading song on page 88t. Leaders: G.C. Waldrep 497, 137 (for Virgil Phillips); Norma Latham 540; Carla Smith 150, 157; Bill Hogan 499, 45b; Jerry Schreiber 369, 489; Coy Ivey 449; Tommie Spurlock 183; Earl Johnson 164; Mia Makris 348t; S.T. Reed 567; Annie Lee Price 300; Margie Smith 507b; James Slaughter 229.


The third session was called to order by Vice Chairman John Etheridge leading song on page 61. Leaders: B.M. Smith 559; Johnny Lee 511b; Bobby Jackson 571 (in memory of his mother, Annie Mae Jackson of Lafayette, Alabama, and in honor of all his brothers and sisters in attendance: Virginia Belcher, George (Pete) Jackson, Nick A. Jackson, Beth Golden, and Carol Moore); Rodney Ivey 270; Julie Lee 511t (in memory of her grandmother, Sarah Peacock); Tor Bejnar 38t; Helen Bryson 36b (in memory of Kim Cagle and Vennie Faith); Wayne Morgan 77t; Bud Oliver 573; J.A. Mosley 572; Phil Slay 159; DeWayne Hawthorne 398b; Alice Mosley 45t; Curtis Rogers 447t; Floy Wilder 142.


The afternoon session was called to order by Don Clark leading “Trusting”. Leaders: Isabelle Green 282; Eloise Avery 478; Freeman Wootten 384; Brenda Merritt 522; Syble Adams 505; Cassie Franklin 414; Marlon Wootten 543; Mattie Townsel 313; Louis Hughes 31t; Eloise Wootten 186; Cindy Franklin 486; Lois Stanson 99; Alice Bejnar 337; Jewell Wootten 515; Riley Lee 485; Chita Blakeley 309; Jenny Gurley 112; John Merritt 395b, followed by the reading of “Talitha Cumi”, an original poem written by John Merritt; Everette Denney 335.


John Etheridge called the second session of the afternoon to order leading song on page 203. Leaders: Jimmie Denney 101t; Kate Merritt 171; Lonnie Rogers 141; M.D. Avery 278b; Dana Merritt 276; Jonathan Blakeley 30b; Richard DeLong 98; Jeannette DePoy 89; Denise Burleson 216 (in memory of Erma Jones and Ila McGhee); Cathy White 239; John Plunkett 314; Stanley Smith 140; Aubrey Barfield 220; Bill Farris 401; Mary Elizabeth Lee and Jimmie Lou Youngblood 144 (by special request); Clarke Lee 527 (for David and Kathy Lee and Don Clark); Tommie Spurlock 264b (remembering Ralph and Lurleen Heath who are now in a nursing home).

Announcements were made. Don Clark thanked the class for $200.25 for the minute fund and for expenses. We invite everyone to meet us here again on Saturday, May 22, 1999. The song on page 62 was used for the closing song with the class taking a parting hand. The class was dismissed with prayer led by Lonnie Rogers.

Chairman—Don L. Clark; Vice Chairman—John Etheridge; Secretary—Regina Clark.