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Florida State Convention (Cooper Book)

Union Hill Singing Hall, Miller’s Crossroads, Florida

December 5-6, 2020

Saturday, December 5

The 53rd session of the Florida State Convention was called to order by Chairman Chris Nicholson, who welcomed the class and read Psalm 95. Stephen Huffman asked the Lord’s blessing on the day. Leaders: Chris Nicholson 558; Evie Eddins 50t; Tommie Spurlock 99, 140; Elam Eddins 112; Stephen Huffman and Anna Huffman 45b; Edith Eddins 288; Callie Smith 45t; Eli Eddins 47t; Nathan Webb 239; Ethan Eddins 42; Frank Strickland 367; Ezra Eddins 36b; McKenzie Flynn 406; Oscar McGuire 276; Ewan Eddins 306 (for Rebecca Over); Beverley Dayton 516; Emily Eddins and Gracie Rodgers 162; David Wever 304; Eric Eddins 313; Stanley Smith 464.


Stephen Huffman brought the session to order leading 511t. Leaders: Kevin Eddins 592; Luke Strickland 145b; Geoffrey Brooks 133; Mary Huffman 267b; Tim Royappa and Stanley Smith 156; Lilah Kate Flynn 348t; Anne Royappa 370; McKenzie Flynn 559; Mary Huffman 73t; Tim Royappa 268b; Tommie Spurlock 98; Beverley Dayton 143; Stephen Huffman and Anna Huffman 155; Anne Royappa 427; Frank Strickland 410; Geoffrey Brooks 505; David Wever 164; Kevin Eddins and Dan Smith 38b; Katie Smith and Ewan Eddins 159; Oscar McGuire 293b; Eric Eddins 54t; Luke Strickland 507t; Ethan Eddins 388; Gracie Rodgers 324. Chris Nicholson thanked the class for a fine morning of singing, and led 369. Geoffrey Brooks gave thanks for the meal.


The singing was adjourned for the afternoon while the class attended Ken Sundberg’s funeral.

Sunday, December 6

The Sunday session of the Florida State Convention was called to order by Chairman Chris Nicholson, who welcomed the class and read Psalm 63. Daniel Williams offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Chris Nicholson 223, 293b; Evie Eddins 163t (in memory of Aubrey Barfield), 175; Ezra Eddins 52t, 225t; Mary Whitehurst 99, 186; Eli Eddins 283, 553; Stanley Smith 343, 48t; Elam Eddins 86, 594; Samuel Williams 479, 70t; Eric Eddins 152, 306.


Samuel Williams brought the session to order leading 224. Leaders: Luke Strickland 45b, 335; Ethan Eddins 162, 142; Oscar McGuire 444t (in memory of Mr. Ross), 171; Loretta Jones 138t, 30b; Dana Eddins 508, 575.


Oscar McGuire brought the class back together leading 145t. Leaders: Edith Eddins 176b, 488; Lloyd Jones 571, 465.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Kevin Eddins and Stanley Smith. Kevin Eddins spoke on this year being one full of reminders of death, with fear of dying being especially prominent in the world around us. Kevin read from 1 Corinthians 15, asking the class to consider what it says about how Christians’ response to death testifies about the gospel. For believers, death is freedom from chains and clay, as our songs often remind us. He then read the following list of names of the deceased: Ken Sundberg, Margaret Spurlock, Lou Nall, Betty Kendrick—Alabama; Bentley McGuire, Richard DeLong, David Grant, Robert Rivers, Dr. Harry Eskew, Bob McLemore—Georgia; John Brownell, Irma Shira—Florida; Curtis Owen, Adelaide Vaughn—Texas. Singers were called on to speak of their memories of the people on the list. Chris Nicholson and Stanley Smith spoke of the Texas singers, Oscar McGuire of the Georgians, and Stanley Smith of the Alabama and Florida singers.

Stanley Smith read the list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Alice Bejnar, Peter Prater, Floyd Nicholson, Jr., Peter Golden, Gaston White, Nate Green, Norma Green, Coy Ivey, and Rebecca Over. Stanley reminded the class that time is working on all of us; slowing us down. Fear also keeps many of these friends away from us. We understand with them and miss them all. Stanley and Kevin led 573 in honor of both groups. Kevin Eddins offered prayer to close the memorial service. Chris Nicholson led 369, and gave thanks for the meal.


Mary Whitehurst and Stanley Smith brought the afternoon session to order leading 96. Leaders: Ewan Eddins 291, 383; Tommie Spurlock 196, 591; Kevin Eddins 212, 149; Daniel Williams 546, 268b; Emily Eddins 309, 298; Katie Smith 268t; Ezra Eddins 156; Tommie Spurlock and Elam Eddins 574, 264b; Eric Eddins 29t; Mary Whitehurst 154t, 244; Kevin Eddins 65; Edith Eddins 58; Daniel Williams 392; Emily Eddins 214; Oscar McGuire 497; Luke Strickland 208; Dana Eddins 203; Samuel Williams 381t; Ethan Eddins 40; Evie Eddins 71.

Tommie Spurlock gave the financial report. He also announced that Ken Kelley will be president of the convention next year (as family obligations prevented him this year) and Stanley Smith will be vice-president. Upcoming singings were announced. Chris Nicholson led 62, and the class took the parting hand. Kevin Eddins dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Chris Nicholson; Secretary—Evie Eddins