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East Texas Sacred Harp Convention (Cooper Book)

Henderson Civic Center, Henderson, Texas

August 8-9, 2020

Saturday, August 8

The 165th session of The East Texas Sacred Harp Convention met at the Henderson Civic Center in Henderson, Texas, on the second Sunday and Saturday before in August. The class was called to order by Sam Craig leading 293b. The opening prayer was led by Robert Vaughn.

Leaders: Robert Vaughn 111b, 336t; Joan Smith 100, 47b; David Rousseau 174, 283; Gaylon Powell 559, 142; Tim McClain 143, 450; Sarah Huckaby 168, 383; Chris Nicholson and Charity Vaughn 212, 152; Ellee Curran 146; Rodney Ivey 567, 464; Michele Curran 558b, 196; Tom Booth 96, 38t; Hoss Curran 388, 274t.


Sam Craig brought the class back together by leading 81. Leaders: Linda Booth 361, 218; Abigail Curran 571; Cheyenne Ivey 465, 182; Scott Curran 98, 192; Lloyd Wright 48t, 48b; Samuel Williams 479, 381t; Daniel Williams 546, 270; Cassie Allen 422t, 514; Sonya Kirkham and Sherry Rousseau 282, 54t; Margaret Wright 277, 122; Robert Vaughn 78, 45t. Prayer was led by Scott Curran.


Sam Craig brought the class back to order leading 57. Leaders: Sarah Huckaby 225t, 442; Lloyd Wright and Elijah Wright 83t, 507b (in memory of Burl Russell); Joan Smith 341, 444t; David Rousseau 137, 447t; Gaylon Powell 486, 235; Chris Nicholson 95b, 72; Margaret Wright 108b, 288; Rodney Ivey 380t, 331; Tom Booth 30b, 31b; Cheyenne Ivey and Ellee Curran 133; Scott Curran 269, 203.


Sam Craig led 528b to bring the class together. Leaders: Samuel Williams 268b, 210; Hoss Curran 348t, 319; Michele Curran 224, 140; Daniel Williams 138t, 315; Cassie Allen 507t; Sonya Kirkham 208, 268t; Sarah Huckaby and Ellee Curran 400; Margaret Wright 508; Lloyd Wright and Elijah Wright 155; Gaylon Powell 300; Chris Nicholson 264b; Scott Curran 356. Sam Craig led 395b as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Gaylon Powell.

Sunday, August 9

The Sunday session was called to order by Sam Craig leading 553. The opening prayer was led by David Rousseau.

Leaders: Chris Nicholson 572; Tom Booth 511b; Daniel Williams 442t; Henry McGuire 511t; Gaylon Powell 574; Will McGuire 573; Samuel Williams 505; Rodney Ivey 541; Charlie McGuire 333; Cheyenne Ivey 559; Michele Curran and Abigail Curran 416b; Cassie Allen 114b; Sonya Kirkham 99; Scott Curran 112 (in memory of Smith family); Robert Vaughn 164; Hoss Curran 421.


Sam Craig brought the class back to order leading 82. Leaders: Joan Smith 38b; Ellee Curran 367; David Rousseau 447t; Abigail Curran 146; Chris Nicholson 264t; Tom Booth 44; Daniel Williams 74t; Henry McGuire 567; Gaylon Powell 240; Will McGuire 71; Samuel Williams 83t; Rodney Ivey 416t; Charlie McGuire 45t; Cheyenne Ivey 98; Michele Curran 331b; Cassie Allen 355; Sonya Kirkham 31t; Scott Curran 422b.


Sam Craig brought the class back together by leading 120. Leaders: Robert Vaughn 336b; Hoss Curran and Abigail Curran 388; Joan Smith 127; Ellee Curran and Abigail Curran 274t; David Rousseau 341; Abigail Curran 348t; Chris Nicholson 521; Daniel Williams 467; Henry McGuire 140; Gaylon Powell 543; Cassie Allen 411.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Robert Vaughn, David Rousseau, and Sam Craig. Sam Craig read the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Stanley Smith, Amacie Smith, Tommy Spurlock, Coy Ivey, Nate Green, Norma Green, Syd Caldwell, Barry Rollins, Baron Powers, Bruce Ray, Peggy Ray, Alice McGuire, Curtis Owen, Dale Redmon, Jr., Landis Powell, Charlotte Powell, Ruby Morris, Leo Stanley, Mary Stanley, and Cornelia Van Den Doel. Sam Craig led 430.

David Rousseau read the following list of names of the deceased: Ottis Sides, Velton Chafin, Jewel Wootten, Bill Windom, Margaret Spurlock—Alabama; Hubert Jessup, Stephen O’Leary—California; Aubrey Barfield—Florida; Charlene Wallace, Richard DeLong, Norma Mincy—Georgia; Roy Davis—Mississippi; Bill Beverly—Michigan; Lee Huckaby, Lorraine Miles McFarland, Cecil “Mac” Hargrove, Myrl Jones, Burl Russell, John Beard, Dorothy Price, Sonny Erwin, Marilyn Louise Burkland—Texas. Robert Vaughn spoke about the deceased and the changing of the guard. Robert Vaughn led 497 in memory of the deceased. Robert Vaughn read the hymn There is a House Not Made with Hands, from The Good Old Songs. Robert Vaughn then closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Sam Craig made closing remarks and led 62. Henry McGuire closed the singing with prayer. Fifty-three people were present from six states. Twenty-seven leaders led one hundred thirty-nine songs.

Chairman—Sam Craig; Vice—Chairman—Robert Vaughn; Secretary—Carole Watts