Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Shape Note Singing

Harrods Creek Baptist Church, Brownsboro, Kentucky

April 25, 1998

The eighth annual Shape Note Singing was held at Harrods Creek Baptist Church at Brownsboro, Kentucky on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in April, and was held from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. There were two books used: “The Sacred Harp” and “Southern Harmony.” Songs used from the “Southern Harmony” will be noted with (SH) after the song.

The singing was called to order by Bob Meek leading song on page 103 (SH). The morning was led by Jack Oliver, pastor of Vine Street Baptist Church.

Leaders: Dick Dunagan 77 (SH); Daryl Mayberry 171; William Shetter 479; David Rust 89 (SH); Sandy Schultheis 270; John Bayer 143 (SH); Val Dunagan 63 (SH); Tim Reynolds 38 (SH); Sandie Scott 128; Marilyn Burchett 81t; Janet Borman 84; Marlen Rust 50 (SH); Pattie Doss-Butterfield 222; Joe Dell Albi 72 (SH); Lorena Moore 17 (SH).


Dave Ressler brought the class to order leading song on page 217. Leaders: Henry Schuman 344; Pauline Childers 269; Esther Rothenbusch 143; Michael Leitz 264 (SH); James Page 173 (SH); Merle Mateika 492; Hugh McElrath 94 (SH); John Bealle 295 (SH); Eloise Clark 313; Jeff Sheppard 203; Mike Hieber 13 (SH); Gary Gronau 192; Connie Karduck 391; Ted Mercer 168t (SH).

The memorial lesson was led by Lorena Moore for the deceased and remembering the sick and shut-ins with song on page 324 (SH).

Leaders: Ron Penn 236; Bob Meek and Odell Compton 441; Michele Cull 56 (SH).


Alix Baillie brought the class to order leading song on page 33. Leaders: Denise Morris 189; Brenda Waters and Michele Cull 68b; Nathan Kast 66; Laura Chipe 133 (SH); Dick Dunagan 78 (SH); Daryl Mayberry 454; William Shetter 220; Faith Shine 322 (SH); David Rust 56b; Sandy Schultheis 101t; John Bayer 88 (SH); Val Dunagan 16 (SH); Tim Reynolds 117; Sandy Scott 213 (SH); Marilyn Burchett 154; Janet Borman 547; Michele Cull and Bob Cull 178.


Marlen Rust called the class to order leading song on page 148. Leaders: Laura Chipe 46 (SH); Pattie Doss-Butterfield 142; Jo Dell Albi 91; Dave Ressler 41 (SH); Henry Schuman 480; Bob Meek and Ruth Garza 107; Pauline Childers 318, 475; Ester Rothenbusch 40 (SH); Michael Leitz 159; James Page 67 (SH); Merle Mateika 331; Hugh McElrath 58; John Bealle 13 (SH); Eloise Clark 274 (SH); Shelbie Sheppard 195; Jeff Sheppard 155. Dr. Hugh McElrath led song on page 347 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by John Bayer.

Chairman—Bob Meek; Secretary—Brenda Waters.