Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Christmas Harp Singing

The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington

Saturday, December 28, 2019

The 6th annual Christmas Harp All-Day Singing was held on Saturday after Christmas Day at the Organic Farmhouse at The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington. The class was called to order by Marla Elliott leading 46. Karen Willard offered the opening prayer. The following officers were appointed in the business meeting: Chairman—Marla Elliott; Chaplain—Karen Willard; Arranger—Solomon Ossa; Secretaries—Joli Sandoz and Joby Winans.

Leaders: Linda Berkemeier 90 (ACH); Jim Friedrich 46 (ACH); Darlene Simpson-Brown 72 (ACH); Alex Short 224; Peter Schinske 2 (ACH); John Berendzen 88 (ACH); Jack Lofton 82 (ACH); Bruce Rowland 9 (ACH); Karen Willard 60 (ACH); Kate Fine 104 (ACH); Jesse Partridge 68b; Kevin Barrans 31 (ACH); Laura McMurray 100 (ACH); Cornelia Stanton 113 (ACH); Rosie Sokolov 54 (ACH); Bob Schinske 116 (ACH); Nancy Novotny 61 (ACH).


The class was brought back to order by Alex Short and Kodiak Wyvern leading 448b. Leaders: Destiny Woods 542; Jennifer Jones 92 (ACH); Sophie Sokolov 122 (ACH); Emma Swartz 77 (ACH); Marla Elliott 48 (ACH); Doug Hill 229; Anne Huckins 74 (ACH); Marla Elliott 368; Jack Lofton 126 (ACH); Karen Willard 56 (ACH); Jim Friedrich 501; Bruce Rowland 452; Peter Schinske 89 (ACH); Kevin Barrans 43 (ACH); John Berendzen 41 (ACH); Jesse Partridge 98 (ACH); Darlene Simpson-Brown 28 (ACH); Laura McMurray 103 (ACH); Cornelia Stanton 118 (ACH); Bob Schinske 120 (ACH); Jennifer Jones 101 (ACH); Nancy Novotny 24 (ACH); Marla Elliott 10 (ACH); Destiny Woods 112; Rosie Sokolov 44 (ACH); Linda Berkemeier 81 (ACH); Emma Swartz 142; Sophie Sokolov 83 (ACH); Anne Huckins 30 (ACH). Karen Willard asked a blessing on the midday meal.


The class was brought back to order by Marla Elliott leading 49b. Leaders: Miranda Elliott Rader 328; Peter Schinske 129 (ACH); Kodiak Wyvern and Alex Short 383; John Berendzen 191; Nancy Novotny 117 (ACH); Kevin Barrans 96 (ACH); Cornelia Stanton 152; Destiny Woods 318; Jack Lofton 19 (ACH); Alex Cotton 228; Kelly Kennedy 130 (ACH); Karen Willard 3 (ACH); Bruce Rowland 75; Bob Schinske 36 (ACH); Jesse Partridge 277; Rosie Sokolov 317; Jim Friedrich 63 (ACH); Anne Huckins 1 (ACH); Laura McMurray 110 (ACH); Jennifer Jones 106; Emma Schwarz and Nico 163t.


The class was brought back to order by Jesse Partridge leading 38t. Leaders: Miranda Elliott Rader 31t; John Berendzen 39 (ACH); Kevin Barrans 102 (ACH); Destiny Woods 195; Jack Lofton 62 (ACH); Bob Schinske 84 (ACH); Kelly Kennedy 42 (ACH); Karen Willard 8 (ACH); Jim Friedrich 78 (ACH); Anne Huckins 350; Laura McMurray 448t; Linda Berkemeier 56t; Peter Schinske 56b. After announcements, Marla Elliott let 162 as the closing song with the traditional text of “Auld Lang Syne.” Those who wished took the parting hand. Karen Willard dismissed the class with prayer. The class resolved to meet again on December 26, 2020.

Chairman—Marla Elliott; Secretaries—Joli Sandoz and Joby Winans