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Dunmore East Singing

Dunmore East Christian Fellowship Hall, Dunmore East,
County Waterford, Ireland

Saturday, November 16, 2019

The 3rd Dunmore East Singing was brought to order by Katie Ahern leading 178. Jonathan Miller offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Ross Harbison 123t; Jonathan Miller 148; Niamh O’Sullivan 30b; Paddy Barrett 37b; Ailish McMahon 65; Aislinn Ahern 106; Sinead Hanrahan 134; Laurie Skelton 138t; Niamh Madigan 40; Amanda Parkes 283; Sophie Gregory Smith and Amanda Parkes 333; Kevin Kennedy 483; Dermot Peel 228; Barry Keating 122; Ruth Bucher and Katie Ahern 196; Niamh O’Sullivan 217; Jonathan Miller 108b; Janek Kleczkowski 87; Ross Harbison 130; Ewa Lichnerowicz 280; Katie Ahern 475; Claire Lacombe and Katie Ahern 480; Paddy Barrett 535; Ger Wolfe 179.


Niamh Madigan led 512 to call the class back together. Leaders: Ailish McMahon 127; Aislinn Ahern 89; Kenny Beiler 441; Sinead Hanrahan 27; Janek Kleczkowski 38b; Laurie Skelton 76b; Amanda Parkes 560; Kevin Kennedy 165; Dermot Peel 442; Barry Keating 49t; Evan Beachy 128; Niamh O’Sullivan 296; Jonathan Miller 155; Ross Harbison 538; Ewa Lichnerowicz 173; Claire Lacombe and Ewa Lichnerowicz 163b; Katie Ahern 353; Paddy Barrett 39t; Ger Wolfe 159; Niamh Madigan 103; Ailish McMahon 56b; Aislinn Ahern 294; Kenny Beiler 59. Quentin Weaver said grace.


Ross Harbison brought the class to order leading 24b. Leaders: Niamh Madigan 227; Sinead Hanrahan 546; Laurie Skelton 312b; Amanda Parkes 434; Kevin Kennedy 433; Dermot Peel 34b (for Malachi); Barry Keating 32t; Janek Kleczkowski and Katie Ahern 436; Ewa Lichnerowicz 214; Jonathan Miller 236; Katie Ahern 347 (for Yann, Hannah, and Joanne Larrieu); Ger Wolfe 569b; Paddy Barrett 268; Sophie Gregory Smith and Katie Ahern 447; Claire Lacombe 350; Ross Harbison 269; Aislinn Ahern 505; Ailish McMahon 61; Niamh Madigan 383; Laurie Skelton 324; Amanda Parkes and Aislinn Ahern 553; Katie Ahern and Jonathan Miller 472.


The class sang fifteen songs from the Mennonite Hymnal in the final session, all led by Jonathan Miller, and sang 606 from that book to close.

Katie Ahern thanked everyone for their contributions, and Jonathan Miller thanked all those who had traveled to the singing. Various announcements were made, and the class was dismissed. Seventy-two songs from the Sacred Harp and fifteen from the Mennonite Hymnal were sung over the day.

Chairman—Katie Ahern