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Southwest Texas Sacred Harp Convention,
Fall Session

Jarrell, Texas

September 28-29, 2019

Saturday, September 28

Song selections during the Southwest Texas Sacred Harp Convention, Fall Session, were from The B.F. White Sacred Harp, Cooper Revision. The class was called to order by Chairman Sonny Huckaby leading 507b. After prayer offered by Zach Rogan, the chairman led 336t. Leaders: Tom Owen 507t; Bruce Coates 35; Beverly Coates 439; Scott McCown 282; Vivian Rogan 32t; Kevin Powell 36t; Hoss Curran 388; Tammy Powell 217; Jackson Owen 168; Kristie Powell 110; Ellee Curran 367; Daniel Allcock 484; Abigail Curran 571; Gaylon Powell 131t; Linda Booker 336b; Silas Huckaby 422b; Lauren Owen 67; Abby Huckaby 99; Kyle Hearn 268t.


Tom Owen brought the class together leading 134. Leaders: Amy Peveto 54t; Janie Short 511t; Ron Trial 268b; Liz Owen 567; Robert Vaughn 496b; Michele Curran 222; Rick Foreman 50t; Mike Hinton 544; Olivia Powell and Abby Huckaby 235; Liz Patton 505; Josh Rogan 239; Emily Brown 86; Jeb Owen 514; Cheryl Foreman 140; Zach Rogan 464; Sarah Huckaby and Silas Huckaby 470; Gary Rogan 511b; Ellen Ray 344; Scott Curran 203; Vickie Cook 132; Scott McCown 82; Vivian Rogan 559; Kevin Powell 331b; Jackson Owen 393; Addison Bowles and Mary Ann Owen 159; Daniel Allcock 492; Jeb Owen 133.

The blessing for the food was offered by Robert Vaughn.


Sonny Huckaby called the class together leading 400. Leaders: Liz Owen 299; Hoss Curran 274t; Amy Peveto 63; Silas Huckaby 269; Liz Patton 372; Lauren Owen 96; Ron Trial 422t; Abby Huckaby 45t; Kyle Hearn 146; Amanda Bowles 422t; Janie Short 430; Mike Hinton 270; Sarah Huckaby 553; Rick Foreman 131b; Emily Brown 404; Zach Rogan 288; Cheryl Foreman 210; Timothy Gaskell 196; Tammy Powell 142; Gary Rogan 546; Linda Booker 107; Josh Rogan 192; Olivia Powell 128; Kristie Powell 68t; Scott Curran 543; Vickie Cook 335; Gaylon Powell 298.


Sonny Huckaby led 450 to resume the singing. Leaders: Michele Curran 416b; Ellen Ray 138t; Tom Owen 47t; Beverly Coates 558; Bruce Coates 447t; Liz Owen 408; Robert Vaughn 386; Liz Patton 486; Jeb Owen 69; Cheryl Foreman 95; Ron Trial 572; Rick Foreman 195. After announcements were made, Chairman Sonny Huckaby led 49t. The closing prayer was offered by Rick Foreman.

Sunday, September 29

The Sunday session of the Southwest Texas Sacred Harp Convention, Fall Session, began with Chairman Sonny Huckaby leading 348t. After prayer offered by Mike Hinton, he led 77t. Leaders: Tom Owen 101b; Bruce Coates 30b; Beverly Coates 460; Catherine Rogan 155; Scott Curran 319; Abigail Curran 146; Al Rogers 575; Ellee Curran 367; Gary Rogan 176t; Lauren Owen 40; Josh Rogan 230; Abby Huckaby and Olivia Powell 101t; Kevin Powell 331t; Addison Bowles 500; Mike Hinton 384; Kristie Powell 383; Hoss Curran 388; Linda Booker 38t; Jackson Owen 522; Amy Peveto 38b; Silas Huckaby 61; Amanda Bowles 129.


Beverly Coates brought the class together leading 330t. Leaders: Riley Owen 543; Vivian Rogan 463; Charles Whitmer 218; Liz Patton 229; Daniel Allcock 427; Tammy Powell 553; Ron Trial 573; Janie Short 47b.

The memorial lesson was held and Amy Peveto spoke, remembering the following sick and shut-ins: Curtis Owen, Sonny Erwin, Myrl Jones, Charlene Wallace, and Eddie Brackin. She led 68b.

Michele Curran read the list of names of the deceased and praised those who had gone before and preserved our tradition. The following deceased were remembered today: Azalee Barnett, Doug Webb, and Betty Davis—Texas; Ottis Sides, Rozlyn Greene, and Eugene Forbes—Alabama; Nancy Powell—Oklahoma; Paul Wilson—Minnesota; and Elizabeth Milanesi—Massachusetts. She led 30b in their memory. The lesson was closed with prayer offered by Tom Owen.

Leaders: Gaylon Powell 240; Sarah Huckaby 112; Emily Brown 98; Michele Curran 140; Ellen Ray 392; Tom Owen 360; Catherine Rogan 182; Scott Curran 189; Al Rogers 505; Gary Rogan 64; Lauren Owen 96; Abby Huckaby and Sonny Huckaby 72; Mike Hinton 309. The blessing for the food was offered by Scott Curran.


Sonny Huckaby led 168 to open the afternoon session. Leaders: Jackson Owen 269; Addison Bowles and Tom Owen 145b; Hoss Curran 60; Amy Peveto 416t; Silas Huckaby 524; Amanda Bowles 293b; Riley Owen 215; Ellee Curran and Abigail Curran 274t; Liz Patton 394; Kevin Powell 201; Vivian Rogan 508; Ron Trial 571; Janie Short 203; Gaylon Powell 91; Linda Booker 199; Emily Brown 54t; Charles Whitmer 574; Kristie Powell 300; Daniel Allcock 142; Tammy Powell 200; Sarah Huckaby 198 (for Curtis Owen); Olivia Powell 148; Ellen Ray 76b. After announcements, the officers led 558, and prayer was offered by Gaylon Powell.

Chairman—Sonny Huckaby; Vice Chairman—Tom Owen; Secretaries and Arranging Committee—Bruce Coates and Beverly Coates