Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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D.H. Mansfield American Vocalist Singing

Old Town House, Union, Maine

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Aldo Ceresa called the class to order by leading 63. Joanne Fuller offered the opening prayer. Leaders: David Deacon and Aldo Ceresa 78b; Kris Paprocki 152; Scott Harriman 42; Allison Paprocki 80b; Chris Holley 53; Kerry Cullinan with Ruth and Corrone Bryant 44; Rachel Taylor 39b; Peter Golden 39t; David Deacon 101t; Barbara Swetman 34; Chris Nicholson 46; Ateven Snderson 40; Keillor Mose 124t; Bobbie Goodell 163b; Robert Stoddard 22. Joanne Fuller gave thanks for the noontime meal.


Eric Sandberg called the class to order by leading 5. Leaders: Aldo Ceresa 26t; Sue Peters 124b; David Smead 111; Anne Kazlauskas 141b; Chuck Crawford 78t; Lisa Bennett 136; Philippe Doyle-Gosselin 107b; Pleasance Crawford 135; Jonathan Spencer 75t; Elsa Phemayotin 57t; George Sigut 70t; Donna Carlson 79b; Tarik Wareh 160t; Mary Skidmore 144; Scott Luscombe 159; Leonard Spencer and Jonathan Spencer 7t; Joanne Fuller 45b; Allison Paprocki and Kris Paprocki 32; Aldo Ceresa and Larry Wall 33t.


Tarik Wareh called the class to order by leading 23b. Leaders: Lisa Bennett and David Smead 19; Jesse Vear and Philippe Doyle-Gosselin 13; Chris Nicholson and Kerry Cullinan 119t; Doron Henkin 123b; Leonard Spencer and Jonathan Spencer 121t; Robert Stoddard and Ryan Koch 98t; Mary Skidmore, Joanne Fuller, Sue Peters, Donna Carlson, Aldo Ceresa, George Sigut, Barbara Swetman, Tarik Wareh, and David Deacon 38. Following reports from committees, Aldo Ceresa led 83t to close. Joanne Fuller gave the closing prayer.

Chairman—Aldo Ceresa; Vice Chairman—Chris Holley; Secretaries—Allison Paprocki and Kris Paprocki