Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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John C. Campbell Folk School
Christian Harmony Singing

Brasstown, Cherokee County, North Carolina

Saturday, July 6, 2019

The 26th annual Christian Harmony Singing was held on Saturday before the first Sunday in July, beginning at 10:30 a.m. Steve Walker and Bill Hogan served as co-chairmen of the singing, and Ted Cooley welcomed the singers on behalf of the John C. Campbell Folk School.

All selections were from The Christian Harmony, 2010 Edition. Leaders: Bill Hogan 128b; Steve Walker 131; Guy Bankes 67t; Will Peebles 51; Andy Morse 149; Nancy Hogan 214; Mike Spencer 465t; John Plunkett 334; Mary Baumeister 297; Elina Snyder 208b; Chris Wilhelm 492b; Greg Smith 56t; Bill Hollingsworth 448t.


Leaders: Bill Hogan 493b; Steve Walker 30t; Guy Bankes 50; Will Peebles 341; Andy Morse 365; Nancy Hogan 432b (in memory of Mike Nichols); Mike Spencer 193; John Plunkett 133; Mary Baumeister 364; Elina Snyder 150; Chris Wilhelm 217 (for Charles Crumpler); Greg Smith 46t; Bill Hollingsworth 300; John Hollingsworth 280.


Leaders: Bill Hogan 336t; Steve Walker 507b; Guy Bankes 507t; Will Peebles 344; Andy Morse 189; Nancy Hogan 362; Mike Spencer 401b; John Plunkett 511; Mary Baumeister and Ian Gomez 245; Elina Snyder 296; Chris Wilhelm 184 (requested by Rebecca Phillips); Greg Smith 180; Bill Hollingsworth 369; John Hollingsworth 82t; Bill Hogan 541; Steve Walker and Jewell Robinson 78b, 486t; Guy Bankes 490; Will Peebles 59t; Andy Morse 276; Nancy Hogan and Sandy Benson 468b; Mike Spencer 397b; Mary Baumeister 54; Elina Snyder 359 (by request), 225b (for Gary Poe); Chris Wilhelm and Lori Silva 282; Greg Smith 55b; Mike Spencer 246 (for Shannon Primm); Tommy Flanagan 303; John Hollingsworth 200.

Chairmen—Steve Walker and Bill Hogan; Secretary—Becky Walker