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Singing in Celebration of THE Wedding
of Ben Sachs-Hamilton and Myles Louis Dakan

Woolman Hill Quaker Retreat Center, Deerfield, Massachusetts

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Becky Wright called the class to order by leading 348t (ShH). Molly Ellis offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Crispin Youngberg (as Sam Kleinman) 12b (ShH); Sam Kleinman (as Crispin Youngberg) 104t (ShH); Myles Louis Dakan 30 (ShH); Ben Sachs-Hamilton 146 (ShH); Margaret Youngberg 136 (ShH); Sam Hathaway 15 (ShH); Emily Hale-Sills 242 (ShH); Sheila Kelly 571 (CB); Charles Biada 198 (CB); Leah Velleman 138t (CB); Nancy Mandel 147 (ShH); Rachel Stevens 511t (CB); George Sigut 38t (CB); Dan Coppock 55 (ShH); Corey Walters 140t (ShH).


Bill Holt led 47t (CB) to call the class to order. Leaders: Ines Lüttgen 106 (ShH); Dan Hunter 290 (ShH); Yona Hunter 438t (ShH); Anna Nowogrodzki 376 (CB); Christopher Kain 340 (CB); Laura Keeler 78 (ShH); Myles Louis Dakan and Ben Sachs-Hamilton 330t (CB); Molly Ellis 363 (ShH); Kerry Cullinan 504t (CB); Ian Quinn 39 (CB); Thomas Begley 505 (CB); Emily Hancock 106 (CB); Ron Trial 264b (ShH); Rachel Adelstein 348b (ShH); Wendy Sibbison 246b (ShH). Becky Wright led the class in a moment of silence before the noonday meal.


Dan Coppock led 318 (ShH) to call the class to order. Leaders: Nancy Mandel 191 (ShH); Sarah Maika 140b (ShH); Ian Quinn 98 (CB); Emily Hancock 431 (ShH); Ben Sachs-Hamilton 254 (CB); Kelly Macklin 167 (ShH); Carol Huang 210 (CB); John delRe 178 (ShH); Erin Fulton 567 (CB); Linda Shea 411 (CB); Becky Wright 218b (ShH); Thomas Begley 424b (ShH); Leah Velleman 89t (ShH); Dan Hunter 400 (ShH); Molly Ellis 103 (ShH); Rachel Adelstein 440 (ShH); Charles Biada 53 (ShH); Emily Hale-Sills 43t (ShH); Rachel Stevens 254 (ShH).


Carol Huang led 243 (ShH) to call the class to order. Leaders: Wendy Sibbison 572 (CB); Margaret Youngberg 197 (ShH); Erin Fulton 438t (CB); Myles Louis Dakan 259 (ShH); Sarah Maika 422b (CB); Crispin Youngberg and Sam Kleinman 114 (ShH); Sheila Kelly 486 (CB); Kerry Cullinan 214 (ShH); Linda Shea 574 (CB); Sam Hathaway 89b (ShH). Myles Louis Dakan and Ben Sachs-Hamilton led 404t (ShH) as the closing song. Dan Coppock offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Becky Wright; Secretary—Sam Hathaway