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Hoboken School Singing (Cooper Book)

Hoboken Elementary School, Hoboken, Georgia

Saturday, March 16, 2019

The 24th annual session of the Hoboken All-Day Singing was called to order by Jessica Altman. Jessica Altman offered opening remarks by welcoming visitors and leading 293b. David Lee led the class in singing major and minor scales. Elder Terry Herrin offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: David Lee 447t; Clarke Lee 149 (in memory of John Etheridge); Kathy Lee 48t; Julie Lee 558; Karen Clark 520; Matt Bell 49b; Tollie Lee 108t; Erin Fulton 293t; Charlotte Dennison 81; Rexanna Lester 572; Jim Pfau 528b; Judy Whiting 222.


Clarke Lee brought the class back together leading 535t. Leaders: Chris Brown 268b; Helen Brown 504t; Sue Bunch 148; Mary O’Neal and Kinsley O’Neal 392; Tommy Spurlock 146; Gene Pinion 287; Steven Taylor 36b; Vik Slen 48b; John Ingalls 63; Barbara Hohenstein 505; Kenneth Vanderford 571; Terry Herrin 449; Denise Kania 580; Jesse Roberts 217; Morgan Bunch 591 (in memory of John Etheridge); James Williamson 500; Arlon Gardner 285t.


David Lee brought the class back together leading 76b. Leaders: Laura Densmore 210; Stanley Smith 497; John Gardenour 46; Ted Brown 397; Tony Batten and Lynn Batten 511t; John Gentry 463; Jeffrey Forbes 99; Les Singleton 45t (in memory of Bob Bunnell); Pat Morse 38t; Kevin Barrans 563; James Brannen and Nancy Brannen 125; Sonya Lee and Delda Lee 274t; Dawn Stanford 142; Kendra Sanctuary 451; Shane O’Neal 283 (for Phillip Reeves). The lunch blessing was offered by Elder Shane O’Neal.


Clarke Lee brought the class back together leading 106. Leaders: Jim Pfau 416t; Judy Whiting 182; Chris Brown 30t; David and Kathy Lee with daughters Hannah (Gunter) and Rachel (Baxley) and grandchildren Gavin, Zane, Madelyn, Graham, and Lincoln 388; Helen Brown 559; Arlon Gardner 543.

The memorial lesson was held at this time. Jessica Altman recited the previously prepared memorial lesson provided by Riley Lee. Riley explained the bond that we as singers have with each other. It is the love of singing praises to God, the love of singing with friends we haven’t seen in a while, and the love God had for us when He sent His son to die for sinners. Riley asked that 511t be led at the close of the memorial lesson. Jessica Altman led verses two and four. The memorial lesson was closed with prayer offered by Elder Jesse Roberts, Jr.

Leaders: Erin Fulton 292b; Ted Brown 119; Laura Densmore 370; Kevin Barrans 400; Ashley Thompson 299 (by request).


Riley Lee brought the class back together leading 485. Leaders: Stanley Smith 235 (by request); David Lee 273 (by request); Mary O’Neal 199 (by request); Karen Clark 573 (by request); Tollie Lee and Carolyn Carter 319.

Following announcements, Riley Lee and Jessica Altman led 69 as the closing song. Elder Clarke Lee offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Riley Lee; Vice Chairman—Jessica Altman; Secretary—Ashley Thompson