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J.L. White, Eclectic Harmony,
and Georgian Harmony Singing

Hardeman Primitive Baptist Church, Decatur, Georgia

Saturday, February 23, 2019

The 19th annual J. L White, Eclectic Harmony I, and Georgian Harmony singing was held at Hardeman Primitive Baptist Church on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in February. John Plunkett welcomed the class and led 30t (WB) as the opening song. He explained that the class would sing from the J. L. White edition during the first hour, adding the Eclectic Harmony I as a choice for the second hour, and the Georgian Harmony as a choice after lunch. Malinda Snow offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: John Plunkett 491b (WB); Russ Hanson 72b (WB), 61 (WB); Malinda Snow 138b (WB), 547t (WB); Jerusha Wheeler 461 (WB), 489b (WB); Henry Johnson 122 (WB), 495 (WB); Clark Williams 321 (WB), 94 (WB); Joan Durdin 47b (WB), 47t (WB); Sandra Wilkinson 38t (WB), 91b (WB); David Smead 176b (WB), 150 (WB); Hayden Arp 491t (WB), 544t (WB) (for Judy Mincey); Maddy Mullany 475 (WB), 182 (WB).


John Plunkett reconvened the class leading 40 (EH) (for Dana Borelli Murray) and 21b (EH). Leaders: Russ Hanson 57 (EH), 62 (EH); Malinda Snow 59 (EH), 49 (EH); Jerusha Wheeler 493 (WB), 484b (WB); Henry Johnson 326 (WB), 375 (WB); Clark Williams 284t (WB), 265t (WB); Joan Durdin 270 (WB), 71 (EH); Sandra Wilkinson 51b (EH), 484t (WB). Henry Johnson asked the blessing before lunch.


John Plunkett reconvened the class leading 95 (GH). Leaders: Carol Hanson 155 (WB), 45t (WB); Laura Akerman 407 (WB), 140 (GH); David Smead 92 (EH) (for Allen Jenkins), 109 (EH); Hayden Arp 156 (WB), 515 (WB); Maddie Mullany 393b (WB), 99 (WB); Malinda Snow 252 (GH); Jerusha Wheeler 466 (WB); Henry Johnson 182 (GH); Clark Williams 404 (WB); Sandra Wilkinson 25 (GH); Carol Hanson 222 (WB); Laura Akerman 492 (WB); David Smead 505 (WB); Hayden Arp 12 (GH); Maddie Mullany 436t (WB); Hayden Arp 543t (WB). After announcements, John Plunkett led 45b (GH) as the closing song, and Hayden Arp dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—John Plunkett; Vice Chairman—Russ Hanson; Secretary—Malinda Snow