Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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State Capitol Rotunda Singing

Montgomery, Alabama

January 31, 1998

The first session of the State Capitol Rotunda Singing was held on Saturday before the first Sunday in February in the rotunda of the State Capitol located in Montgomery, Alabama. It was announced that this would be an annual event on this date, and that four books would be used with 30 minute sessions from each book. The books to be used are: “The Sacred Harp, 1991 Revision”; “Christian Harmony”; “Colored Sacred Harp”; “Cooper Revision Book”. Everyone should bring a sack lunch.

The first session was held from “The Sacred Harp, 1991 Revision”.

Leaders: Shelbie Sheppard 216; S. T. Reed 217; Tim Cook 474; Christie Allen 475; Bud Oliver 480; Liz Bryant 384; Lee Rogers 218; Don Bowen 145t; Milton Oliver 321; Chita Blakeley, Jonathan Blakeley, Kyle Blakeley, and Gavin Blakeley 189.

The second session was from the “Christian Harmony” with Art Deason giving a warm welcome to everyone. Leaders: Shannon Clark 109; Ann Kinezey 289; Tish Crocker 287; Elvin Morris 134; Stanley Smith 64; Art Deason 111; Bill Hogan 307.


The singing resumed with singing from the “Colored Sacred Harp”. Leaders: H. J. Jackson 4; Ed Snell 9; Bernice Harvey 65; Barney Roberson 19; Stanley Smith 20; John Etheridge 87b; Ed Snell 24 and 25.

The next session was from the “Cooper Revision Book” with Stanley Smith in charge. Leaders: John Etheridge 447t; Emmie Lou Grayson 569; Agnes Farris 410; Ioabelle Green 559; Bill Farris 401; Kathy Lee 575; David Lee 500; Steve Grauberger 572; Bernice Harvey 442t; Regina Glass 497; Bill Hogan 220; Barney Roberson 171; Ed Snell 470; H. J. Jackson 400; J. C. Hardin 44.


The afternoon session resumed with songs from “The Sacred Harp, 1991 Revision” being used. Leaders: Jeff Sheppard 155; Celia Carnes 146; Amanda Denson 142; Bradley Allen and Chris Bell 546; Margaret Keeton and Travis Keeton 276; Buell Cobb 31b; Pam Nunn 361; Linda Thomas 299; Wayne Morgan 31t; Joe Sutton, Penny Weaver, and Jim Carnes 112; Don Smith 335; J. L. Hopper 310; Judy Caudle 489.

The next session used songs from the “Christian Harmony”. Leaders: Art Deason 369; Don Clark 303; Margie Simmons 142; Regina Clark 184; Stanley Smith and Venus Scann 78b; Retha Deason 110; Tish Crocker 204t; David Lee 85b; Don Smith 87.

The session from the “Colored Sacred Harp” began with the following leaders: H. J. Jackson 74b; Janice Johnson 3; Ed Snell 59; Bernice Harvey 62; H. J. Jackson 65b, 92, and 95.

The final session was from the “Cooper Revision Book”. Leaders: Judy Mincey 140; Jean Gray 563; Odie Horton 507t; Junie McNeil 319; Ercyl Vidrine 358; Durwood Scarbrough 240; Paula Cobbs and Buell Cobb 72; A. C. Carter 104; Chita Blakeley 170; Regina Clark 86; Jonathan Blakeley 229; Kathy Lee 264b.

Announcements were made. Jim Carnes, Joey Brackner, and Shelbie Sheppard led song on page 87 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by Don Smith.

Chairmen—Jim Carnes and Joey Brackner; Secretary—Shelbie Sheppard.