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Berlin Shenandoah Harmony Singing

Chapel of The Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirche, Berlin, Germany

Saturday, June 30, 2018

The 2nd annual Berlin Shenandoah Harmony All-Day Singing was held in the chapel of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirche in Berlin, Germany. Song selections were from the Shenandoah Harmony (ShH). Marco Wessnigk called the class together leading 319 (ShH). Christopher Schuller offered the opening prayer. Marco Wessnigk welcomed the class and spoke about the choice to sing out of the Shenandoah Harmony for this singing and about book diversity.

Leaders: David Marnuse 218b (ShH); Christopher Schuller 260t (ShH); Cherilyn Neilson 33 (ShH); Melanie Tönnies 124 (ShH); Ellen Kennedy 181 (ShH); Johannes Sauer 47 (ShH); Emily Collins 112 (ShH); Anna Eggers 70t (ShH); Emma Rock 404t (ShH); Laura Eisen 335 (ShH); Graham DeZarn 266 (ShH); Katrin Malack 241t (ShH); Patrick DeDauw 363 (ShH); Evelyn Saylor 411 (ShH); Saara Pakarinen 23 (ShH); Michael Walker 22b (ShH).


Jessica Sligter called the class together by leading 243 (ShH). Leaders: Caro Stamm-Reusch 80 (ShH); Sarah West 305 (ShH); Jesse C. Polhemus 11 (ShH); Abby Beavin 137 (ShH); Francis Gaskin 326t (ShH); Eva Striebeck 264b (ShH); Megan Holm 385 (ShH); Steven T. Schmidgall 251 (ShH); Ellen Kennedy 229 (ShH); Nadia Abdelaziz 213 (ShH); Ted Mercer 427 (ShH); Colleen Hayes 76t (ShH); Krista Guerrieri 380 (ShH); Chris Wolf 158t (ShH); Christopher Schuller 334 (ShH); Melanie Tönnies 287 (ShH); David Marnuse 326b (ShH).


The class was called together by Cherilyn Neilson leading 300b (ShH). Leaders: Silke Kunow-Koch 5t (ShH); Rachel Glassberg 34 (ShH); Johannes Sauer 247 (ShH); Emily Collins 12b (ShH); Saara Pakarinen 19 (ShH); Anna Eggers 278 (ShH); Francis Gaskin 270 (ShH); Patrick DeDauw 105 (ShH); Marco Wessnigk 399 (ShH); Jessica Sligter 290 (ShH); Emma Rock 422 (ShH); Laura Eisen 200 (ShH); Sarah West 53 (ShH); Katrin Malack 118 (ShH); Abby Beavin 366 (ShH); Graham DeZarn 52 (ShH); Ellen Kennedy 364b (ShH); Evelyn Saylor 206 (ShH). A blessing was asked by Patrick DeDauw before the meal.


Michael Walker called the class together by leading 297 (ShH). Leaders: Anne Hege 310 (ShH); Jesse C. Polhemus 332 (ShH); Caro Stamm-Reusch 68 (ShH); Steven T. Schmidgall 338 (ShH); Eva Striebeck 258 (ShH); Megan Holm 416 (ShH); Chris Wolf 417 (ShH); Ted Mercer 428 (ShH); Colleen Hayes 154 (ShH); Krista Guerrieri 48 (ShH); Nadia Abdelaziz 65t (ShH); Saara Pakarinen 43t (ShH); Cherilyn Neilson 86 (ShH); Jessica Sligter 114 (ShH); Christopher Schuller 208 (ShH); Sarah West 438t (ShH); Johannes Sauer 209 (ShH); Francis Gaskin 442 (ShH); Abby Beavin 452 (ShH); Patrick DeDauw 218t (ShH); David Marnuse 254 (ShH).


The class was called together by Evelyn Saylor and Marco Wessnigk leading 176 (ShH). Leaders: Rachel Glassberg 130 (ShH); Jesse C. Polhemus 220 (ShH); Colleen Hayes 169 (ShH); Graham DeZarn 93 (ShH); Ted Mercer 431 (ShH); Krista Guerrieri 113 (ShH); Chris Wolf 178 (ShH); Megan Holm 414t (ShH); Nadia Abdelaziz 271 (ShH); Emma Rock 35 (ShH); Michael Walker 378b (ShH); Eva Striebeck 140b (ShH); Steven T. Schmidgall 242 (ShH); Caro Stamm-Reusch 110 (ShH); Laura Eisen 6t (ShH); Jessica Sligter 133 (ShH); Cherilyn Neilson 44 (ShH).

Marco Wessnigk thanked local singers for organizing, and thanked those that traveled for the singing. The Secretary reported thirty-five leaders had led ninety-five songs. Announcements were made. Marco Wessnigk led 309 (ShH) as the closing song. Christopher Schuller offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Marco Wessnigk; Secretary—Evelyn Saylor