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Lillian Calvert and Irene Woodley Memorial

Pleasant Grove Primitive Baptist Church, Boldo, Alabama

January 10, 1998

The annual Birthday/Memorial Singing for Lillian Calvert and Irene Woodley was held at Pleasant Grove Primitive Baptist Church, Boldo Community, near Jasper, Alabama on Saturday night before the second Sunday.

The class was called to order by Harrison Creel.

NOTE: The minutes to this singing were lost in the mail and the following list of singers were recalled by memory. If anyone’s name is omitted, we apologize.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This singing was held the night before the death of Vernice Calvert, and it was the last singing that Hadyn Creel attended. The last song directed by Hadyn Creel was 84, and he was so weak from his illness that he could not even turn to the parts while he was leading, a true lover of Sacred Harp! These two singers are greatly missed by all who knew, loved, and sang with them throughout their lives.

Leaders: Calvert children (Mavis Price, Marie Guthrie, Flarce Creel, and Elsie Moon); Woodley children (Doris, Betty, Jettie Lawson, Fay, Dorothy, Felton Woodley, and Doc Woodley); Travis Keeton; Hadyn Creel 84; Edith Tate; Tim Gilmore; Josh Keeton; Glenn Keeton; Imogene Nelms; Velton Chafin; Henry Guthery; Eldagene Roberson; Lucy Heidorn; Edis Guthrie; Julianna Jett; Danny Creel; Shelley Capps; Elvin Guthrie; Keterina Sanders; Cecil Sanders; Sherry Guthery; Willodean Barton; Charles Kitchens; Marie Aldridge; Jimmie Gilmore; Ann Jett; Arthur Gilmore; Wanda Capps; Margaret Keeton; Harrison Creel; Randy Moon.

Chairman—Harrison Creel; Secretary—Wanda Capps.