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Northern Shenandoah Valley
Shenandoah Harmony Singing

Charles Washington Hall, Charles Town, West Virginia

Sunday, June 3, 2018

The 6th annual all-day Northern Shenandoah Valley Shenandoah Harmony singing was brought to order by Ben Hartland leading 397. David Giusti offered the opening prayer. The following officers were asked to serve: Secretaries—Joni Seidenstein and Adrian Mariano; Treasurer—Tom Ivey. All song selections are from the Shenandoah Harmony.

Leaders: Kelly Macklin 167; Adrian Mariano 423; Tom Ivey 417; Leyland delRe 192; Anders Fahey 113; Jonathan Een Newton 179; Brenda Dunlap 95; Julia Seidenstein 45b; Corinne Ducey 187; Mary Ann Daly 155; Sharon Strong 154; Eli Snyder 98; Graham DeZarn 416; Lucas Husted 114; Katy Hunter 186; Bridget Camden 171; Robin Banerji 411; Miriam Delirium 236t; Tim Gregg 316b; Ina Shea 348b; Dean Jens 269; Abby Beavin 100.


Myles Louis Dakan called the class together leading 10. Leaders: Joni Seidenstein 358; John delRe 178; Rachel Hall 401; Dick Patterson 453; Topher Lawton 9b; Joel Miller 457; Jessica Keyes 22b; Mike Spencer 147; David Giusti 139; Miranda Elliot-Rader 80.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Chris Wolf leading 143 for the following sick and homebound: Kacy Pate, Les Updike, Nancy Anderson, Paul Wilson, Ester Wildey, Roxanne Greenberg, Ray Rechenberg, and Hunter Jones.

Chris then led 218 for the following deceased: Darrell Swarens—Indiana; Keith MacAdam—Kentucky; Wayne Jens—Iowa; Ann Sleeva—-Illinois; Dr. Randolph Green-Georgia; Rev Charles Bennett—Missouri; Winter Acorn—Pennsylvania; Steve Helwig—Oregon; Nick Stanton—Massachusetts; Dona Dise—New York; Charles Wells—Minnesota; Julie Vea—Wisconsin; Nancy Graham—Maryland; Kit Halsted—Texas.

Leaders: Nora Miller 424; Thomas Ward 418; Ateven Snderson 392; Bev Yaeger 260t. A blessing for lunch was asked by David Giusti.


Rachel Hall led 251 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Dan Hunter 340b; Ben Sachs-Hamilton 254; Rachel Speer 105; Claudia Egelhoff 173; Erin Fulton 169; AnnaLeigh Smith 285; Ted Mercer 266; Karl Dise 124; Lydia Lewallen 247; Tristan Gordon 67; Jake Kiakahi 292; Dorothy Robinson 310; Barb Patterson 75; Skeet Surrency 180; Stefani Priskos 162; Dann Pell 270; Hal Kunkel 378b; Kyle Johnston 197; Alice Beattie 140b; Jerusha Wheeler 205; Chris Cotter 16; Stina Sutherland 243; Kerry Cullinan 296.


Kyle Johnston led 3b. Leaders: Barbara Swetman 196; Yosef Trachtenberg 201; Chloe Somers 60b; Sam Kleinman 41; Emmie Strassburg 245; Erica Martinez 53; Kathy Manning 3t, Barb Patterson 404t; Anna Leigh Smith 420t; Chris Wolf 309; Martha Burns 65t; Claudia Egelhoff 364; Erin Fulton 241t; Brenda Dunlap 385b; Stina Sutherland 363b; Ina Shea 443b; Alice Beattie 403; Myles Louis Dakan 246b; Kelly Macklin and Dan Hunter 138; Abby Beavin 77.

Announcements were made. Resolutions were made by John delRe. Ben Hartland led 129t as the closing song. David Giusti offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Ben Hartland; Vice Chairman—Graham DeZarn; Secretaries—Joni Seidenstein and Adrian Mariano