Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Mount Pisgah Singing Society (Cooper Book)

Mount Pisgah Primitive Baptist Church, Chambers County, Alabama

Saturday, May 26, 2018

The annual all-day session of the Mount Pisgah Singing Society (organized in 1903) met at Mount Pisgah Primitive Baptist Church on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in May, and was called to order by Karen Clark at 9:00 a.m. After welcoming everyone, Karen Clark led 70t. Kevin Eddins offered the morning prayer. Karen Clark led 31t.

The officers of the singing are as follows: President—Karen Clark; 1st Vice President—David Lee; 2nd Vice President—Ezra Eddins; Secretary—Donna Bell; Arranging Committee—Don Clark and Laura Densmore.

Leaders: David Lee 52t (in memory of all the singers from the 1990s that have passed away, and for the new singers learning to sing these hymns); Ezra Eddins 31b; Donna Bell 572; Don Clark 99; Luke Strickland 571; Jack Nelson 514; Winfred Kerr 36b; Emily Eddins 290; Frank Strickland 120; Eli Eddins 504t; Nancy Hogan 520; Oscar McGuire 276; Edith Eddins 488; Richard Mauldin 124t; Helen Bryson 172 (for Christine Keebler); Kevin Eddins 438b; Kathe Pilibosian 133; Eric Eddins 464; Louis Hughes 138t; Anna Hinton 203; Ewan Eddins 300; Chita Blakeley 567; Laura Densmore 482.


David Lee called the second session of singing to order leading 76b. Leaders: Robert Chambless and Richard Mauldin 358 (in memory of all persons serving in the military); Isabell Green 505; Ethan Eddins 29t; Gavin Blakeley 142; Dana Eddins and Elliott Eddins 497 (for Aubrey Barfield); Judy Chambless 222; Elam Eddins 304; Erica Hinton 126; Bill Hogan 455t; Kathy Lee 171; Marion Patrick 580; Buell Cobb 50t; Eric Eddins 38t; Tollie Lee 306; Tommie Spurlock 574; Darlene Dalton 587 (in memory of all nurses tending near-death soldiers in battlefield sites during times of war); Paul Wyatt 503; Judy Mincey 494 (in memory of Lee Rogers); Guy Bankes 391; Karen Clark 369. Elder Jonathan Blakeley offered the blessing of the noon meal at the tables.


David Lee, Karen Clark, Syble Adams, Carol Buche, Myra Dalton, and Tollie Lee called the afternoon session to order leading 96. Leaders: Judy Chambless 319; Johnathan Blakeley 285t (for his papa, Doug Conn); Carol Buche 269 (in memory of Ann Sleeva, Janelle Davis, and Julie Vea); Charlotte Bishop 229; Stanley Smith 453t; Matt Hinton 131b; Syble Adams 541; Chris Holley 199; Guy Bankes 552; Ethan Eddins 388; Kathe Pilibosian 411; Paul Wyatt 511t; Edith Eddins 356; Robert Chambless 563; Eric Eddins 162; Tommie Spurlock and Eric Eddins 112; Oscar McGuire 137; Judy Mincey 331t (in memory of Stanly Edwards); Chris Holley 123b; Ewan Eddins 192; Carol Buche and Karen Clark 380b (for Clarke Lee); Elam Eddins 384; Laura Densmore, Chris Holley, Kathe Pilibosian, Syble Adams, Myra Dalton, Guy Bankes, and Darlene Dalton 527 (for Larry Wootten).

Following announcements, the officers led 95b as the closing song, while those who wished took the parting hand. Tollie Lee offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

President—Karen Clark; 1st Vice President—David Lee; 2nd Vice President—Ezra Eddins; Secretary—Donna Bell