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Southwest Texas Sacred Harp Convention,
Spring Session

McMahan, Texas

April 28-29, 2018

Saturday, April 28

The spring session of the Southwest Texas Sacred Harp Convention was held at Bethel Primitive Baptist Church in McMahan, Texas, on the fifth Sunday and Saturday before in April. Scott Curran called the class to order by leading 422b. After prayer by Donald Ross, he led 98. Kristie Powell led 300, followed by Bruce and Beverly Coates leading 331t.

Leaders: Gaylon Powell 272; Diane Ross 53; Jeb Owen 146 (in memory of Edith Owen); Clydene Pekrul 328; Zach Rogan 288; Ellee Curran 367; Scott McCown 122; Abby Huckaby and Cheryl Foreman 99; Donn Howard 393; Addison Bowles 145b; Mike Moseley 434; Hoss Curran 60; Mike Hinton 567; Ainsley Ross 514; Chris Nicholson 558; Lauren Owen 572; Matt Bell 365; Jackson Owen 408; Chelsea Miller 58.


Scott Curran began the session by leading 101t. Leaders: Tim McClain 450; Silas Huckaby 383; Jesse Latimer 39; Cornelia Stanton 573; Bill Bailey 121; Stacy Berkheimer 30t; Riley Owen 442t; Inez Luttgen 84; Robert Vaughn 212; Marilyn Solomon 470; Ben Copenhaver 471; Sonya Lee and Laura Densmore 527 (in memory of Johnnie Lee); Chris Noren 55; Troxel Ballou 135; Mary Skidmore 268b; Ryan Ross 276; Marilyn Murata 392; Rick Foreman 336t; Joanne Fuller 440b; Ron Bernucho 463; Stefani Priskos 384; Kyle Hearn 68t.

The following business was undertaken: Sonny Huckaby was elected vice chairman and Bruce and Beverly Coates were re-elected secretaries/arranging committee. Gary Rogan moved, and the motion was seconded, that this year’s spring session of the Southwest Texas Convention be designated the Edith Owen Memorial Singing. Edith Owen served the singing as a mentor to many altos and was a mainstay of this convention for almost 70 years. She died August 19, 2017, at the age of 97. The motion carried. The business meeting adjourned. Elder Sonny Huckaby offered the blessing for the meal.


Kristie Powell led 111t. Leaders: Ellen Ray 145t; Cheryl Foreman 210; Robert Stoddard 482; Jennifer Obeidin 196; Ian Quinn 165; Elizabeth Stoddard 166; William Price 505; Angharad Davis 96; Brenda Dunlap 100; Joshua McClain 563; Donald Ross 591; Nancy Price 268t; Ron Trial 461; Lori Rodgers 47t; David Brodeur 38t; Vicki Hayes 478; Kerry Cullinan 152; Eva Striebeck 559; Sonny Erwin 199.


Kristie Powell led 332 to bring the class together. Leaders: Liz Owen 186; Leslie Alperin 239; Andy Ditzler 218; Syble Adams, Tom Owen, Jeb Owen, and Sonny Huckaby 47b; Robbie Hooper and Tiffany Hooper 571; Leon Ballinger 120; Lisa Matt 406; Gary Rogan 511b; Linda Booker 511t; Tammy Powell 553; Catherine Rogan 217; Sarah Huckaby 355; Amanda Bowles 293b; Vivian Rogan, Liz Owen, Michele Curran, Catherine Rogan, Jennifer Obeidin, and Zach Rogan 32t; Michele Curran 183; Greg Bowles 155; Edith Osborne, Chris Noren, and Karen Noren 449.

Kristie Powell led 222 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Elder Sonny Huckaby.

Sunday, April 29

The Sunday session of the Southwest Texas Convention, Spring Session began with Kristie Powell leading 68b. After prayer by Donald Ross, she led 140. Sonny Huckaby led 507b, followed by Bruce Coates and Beverly Coates leading 171.

Leaders: Riley Owen 142; Leland Ross and Owen Ross 277; Vivian Rogan 508; Syble Adams, Ellee Curran, Lauren Owen, Addison Bowles, and Abby Huckaby 367; Leslie Alperin 91; Lauren Owen 388; Donald Ross 211; Abby Huckaby and Cheryl Foreman 159; Addison Bowles 573; Tom Owen 341; Hoss Curran 32t; Ainsley Ross 515; Sylvia Friske and Beverly Coates 276; Jackson Owen 216; Diane Ross 132; Silas Huckaby 464; Stacy Berkheimer 168; Carter Cook 427.


Kristie Powell led 54t to open the next session. Leaders: Janie Short 193; Ben Copenhaver 581; Ines Lüttgen 540; Chris Noren 486; Marilyn Solomon 174.

Elder Sonny Huckaby introduced the memorial lesson, followed by Gaylon Powell leading 45t for the following sick and homebound: Curtis Owen, Myrl Jones, Azilee Barnett, Doug Webb, Chris Brown, Jean Ayotte, Lynne deBenedette, Andy Worthington, Edward Stevens, Charlotte Powell, Shisue Sugimoto, Keven Hobacher, Amy Wilson and baby girl, Idy Kiser, Charlene Cargile, and Don Donell.

Mike Hinton read the following names of the deceased: Eloise Wootten, Daphene Causey, Johnnie Chafin—Alabama; Nita Molcricki, Donna Andrews, Theodore Knox, and Jim Van Winkle—California; Hugh McGraw and Louise Holland—Georgia; Berkley Moore—Illinois; Darrell Swarens—Indiana; Charles Wells—Minnesota; Mark Powers—New Mexico; Herbert Ericksson—New York; Steve Helwig—Oregon; Jane Goforth, Edith Owen, Peter Nichols, Glenn Blundell, Amy Dennison, Julia Welch, Frank Price, and Preston Cargile—Texas; Isaac Engell—Washington; Julie Vea—Wisconsin. Mike then read the obituary of Edith Owen for whom this year’s session is named and made comments regarding others on the list. The members of the Owen family, including Edith’s three children, four of her seven grandchildren, and ten of her seventeen great-grandchildren led 410 in her memory and in memory of the others on the list of deceased. The memorial lesson closed with prayer by Rev. Owen Ross.

Leaders: Robert Stoddard 45b; Sonya Lee 31t; Ian Quinn 587; Mary Skidmore 133; Ryan Ross 198; Joanne Fuller 411; William Price 58; Stefani Priskos 278t; David Brodeur 240; Elizabeth Stoddard 576; Kerry Cullinan 310. The prayer for the meal was offered by Rev. Owen Ross.


Leaders: Kevin Powell 398t; Cornelia Stanton 96; Andy Ditzler 348b; Jennifer Obeidin 215; Ron Trial 571; Brenda Dunlap 357; Robbie Hooper and Tiffany Hooper 229; Nancy Price 400; Marilyn Murata 200; Chris Nicholson 264t; Angharad Davis 59; Sonny Erwin 569; Vicki Hayes 111t; Mike Hinton 544; Eva Striebeck 138t; Laura Densmore 370; Alberta Hudlow and John Hudlow 30b; Syble Adams 541; Cheryl Foreman 465; Owen Ross 442t; Leon Ballinger 297; Matt Bell 225t; Olivia Powell 450; Ellen Ray 319; Lisa Matt 282; Gaylon Powell 543; Linda Booker 447t; Tammy Powell 137.

After announcements, Kristie Powell led 95b as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Elder Jeb Owen.

Chairman—Kristie Powell; Vice Chairman—Sonny Huckaby; Secretaries/Arranging Committee—Bruce and Beverly Coates