Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Florida State Convention (Cooper Book)

Panama City, Florida

December 6-7, 1997

Saturday, December 6

The thirtieth session of the Florida State Convention was held at the Holiday Inn, Panama City, Florida on the first Sunday and Saturday before in December, 1997, and was called to order by Chairman David Lee at 9:20 a.m. leading songs on pages 176 and 393b. The morning prayer was offered by S. T. Reed. Officers leading were: Elvin Guthrie 127; Leon Ballinger 120; Victoria Aplin 88b; Aubrey Barfield 497. Leaders: Thurman Nall 395b; B. M. Smith 515; S. T. Reed 541; Lee Rogers 41; Eldagene Roberson 300; John Kanode 571; Hershell King 572; Don Bowen 505; Mattie Townsel 274t; Ernest Cockcroft 553; Sharon Kellam 432.

Don Clark and Clarke Lee was appointed to serve as the Memorial Committee.


The class was brought to order by David Lee leading song on page 391. Leaders: Mike Jones 47b; Milton Oliver 54t; Leola Smith 570; Dale Redmon, Jr. 507; Clarke Lee 99; Norma Latham 559; Bill Aplin 567; Mary Elizabeth Lee 45t; David Roberson 101t; Reba Windom 137; J. C. Rutledge 128; Liz Bryant 392; George Cox 108t; Marie Guthrie 113.


The singing resumed with Elvin Guthrie leading song on page 276. Leaders: Linton Ballinger 36b; Kathy Lee 575; Joe Nall 171; Nancy Van Den Akker 100; Bud Oliver 270; John Etheridge 447t; Regina Glass 306; Don Clark 398b; Katharine Manning 218; Dewayne Hawthorne 436b; Cecile Cox 511t; Johnny Lee 271b. The blessing for the noon meal was given by Stanley Smith.


The class was called to order by B. M. Smith leading song on page 28b. Leaders: Winston Jones 285t; Regina Clark 86; W. L. Green 425; Faye Pettis 384; Bill Farris 282; Margie Smith 82; Tommie Spurlock 311; Sue Graham 500; Horace Nall 516; Joyce Randall 198 (for Mamie Riley); Agnes Farris 378t; Genny Whitworth 442; Stanley Smith 542.


The class resumed singing with Leon Ballinger leading song on page 470. Leaders: Tim Jones 451; Ann Barnett 159; Thurman Nall 563; B. M. Smith 449; Julie Lee 336t; S. T. Reed 569; Lee Rogers 501; John Kanode 229; Eldagene Roberson 142; Hershell King 535t; Don Bowen 488; Mattie Townsel 112; Victoria Aplin 411 (by request). Victoria Aplin led song on page 343b as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by Johnny Lee.

Sunday, December 7

The Sunday session was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by David Lee leading song on page 278. The morning prayer was offered by Clarke Lee.

Leaders: David Lee 59; Elvin Guthrie 69; Leon Ballinger 48; Victoria Aplin 135; Aubrey Barfield 365; Milton Oliver 505; Leola Smith 570; Dale Redmon 514; Sharon Kellam 55; Clarke Lee 326; Norma Latham 455; David Roberson 220; Reba Windom 559; Harlie Guthrie 163t.


The class was called to order by Elvin Guthrie leading song on page 225t. Leaders: J. C. Rutledge 503; Liz Bryant 156; Faye Pettis 434; George Cox 395b; Elizabeth Lobato 162; Linton Ballinger 508; Hannah Lee, Rachel Lee, and Erica Thrift 500; Steven Lobato 492; Christine Gandy 330t; Mary Elizabeth Lee 361; Bud Oliver 145b; Kathy Lee 416.

The memorial lesson was held by Clarke Lee who read the list of the deceased, and then led song on page 27 in their memory.

Don Clark read the names of the sick and shut-ins, spoke a few words, and led songs on pages 106 and 288. Tommie Spurlock led song on page 574. There was a moment of silent prayer, and then Johnny Lee closed the memorial with prayer.

Stanley Smith 235 (by request); Riley Lee 572; class sung 369. The blessing for the noon meal was offered by Leon Ballinger.


The class resumed singing with Bud Oliver leading song on page 49t. Leaders: Katharine Manning 128; Bill Aplin 224; Cecile Cox 406; Johnny Lee 569; Marie Guthrie 189; John Etheridge 446t; Regina Glass 168; Teresa Lowry and Angela Lowry 449; W. L. Green 389t; Nancy Van Den Akker 414; Bill Farris 111t; Ann Barnett 388; Tommie Spurlock 217; Son Graham 505; Julie Lee 393t; Lee Rogers 412; Hershell King 522; Eldagene Rogerson 222; David Lee 229 (as a wish).


The class was called to order by Clarke Lee leading song on page 65. Leaders: Don Bowen 478; Thurman Nall 502; Victoria Aplin 143; Aubrey Barfield 140; Leola Smith 185; Sharon Kellam 38t; Norma Latham 511b; Katharine Manning 384; Reba Windom 196.

A short business session was held. Officers for the 1998 Convention were announced: Chairman—Elvin Guthrie; First Vice Chairman—Leon Ballinger; Second Vice Chairman—Don Clark. The officers from this year and those to serve in 1998 led song on page 62 for the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Tommie Spurlock.

We would like to say a special thank you for each and every one who in any way helped make this convention a success. Without you it would not have been as great. Thank you to the Holiday Inn for the use of their great facilities.

Chairman—David Lee; First Vice Chairman—Elvin Guthrie; Second Vice Chairman—Leon Ballinger; Secretary—Aubrey Barfield.