Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Emmaus Primitive Baptist Church Singing

Thomaston, Georgia

Saturday, March 3, 2018

The annual Sacred Harp singing at Emmaus Primitive Baptist Church, which is held on Saturday before the first Sunday in March, was called to order by Oscar McGuire leading 34b. Elder Norman Randall offered the morning prayer. Oscar McGuire led 59.

The following officers were elected to serve for the day: Chairman—Wayne Watson; Secretary—David Smead.

Leaders: Wayne Watson 480; John Plunkett 345t, 295; Rosemund Watson 503, 34t; Winfred Kerr 36b, 516; Mary Brownlee 556, 47b; Chris Robinson 103, 102; Martha Harrell 178, 542; Justin Bowen 58, 100; James Brownlee, Jason Brownlee, and Mary Brownlee 354b, 268.


John Plunkett called the class to order leading 88t. Leaders: John Brownlee 448t; Daniel Williams 177, 74t; Faye Hollis 276, 299; Samuel Williams 101b, 378b; Philip Ford 49t, 49b; Eli Hinton and Lottie Hinton 148, 159; Ricky Harcrow 74b, 29t.


Oscar McGuire called the class to order leading 33b. Leaders: Wayne Watson 225t; Terry Wootten 176t, 472; Lauren Bock and Lucey Rose Karlsberg 273 (in memory of Louise Holland) 298; Bentley McGuire, Asa McGuire, and Oscar McGuire 56b, 77t; Erica Hinton 108t, 492; David Smead 571, 461; Anna Hinton 455, 383; Jamey Wootten 111b, 138t; Matt Hinton 37b (in memory of Louise Holland) 112; Mel Kersey 569b, 515; David Grant 166, 421; Beth Hagues 65; Lisa Bennett 127 (by request) 323b (in memory of Louise Holland) 45t (by request); Justin Bowen 518 (by request).

Announcements were made. Rosemund Watson led 347 as the closing song. Wayne Watson offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Wayne Watson; Secretary—David Smead