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W.L. Green Memorial / Baldwin County
Sacred Harp Convention (Cooper Book)

Galilee Primitive Baptist Church, Stapleton, Alabama

January 27-28, 2018

Saturday, January 27

The W. L. “Bill” Green Memorial and Baldwin County Sacred Harp Convention was held at Galilee Primitive Baptist Church on the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in January. The class was called to order by Bill Hogan leading 74b. He gave a warm welcome to all in attendance, and continued by leading 36b. The opening prayer was offered by Stephen Huffman.

Leaders: J.A. Mosley and Alice Mosley 572; Nicole Bowman 187; Evie Eddins 60; Nancy Hogan 505; Ken Kelley 442t; Aubrey Barfield 372; Wynette Smith 49b; Gary Padgett 250; Eli Eddins 123b; Tim Taylor 54t; Mary Amelia Taylor 391; Ewan Eddins 313; Ben Fink 580; Ezra Eddins 176t; Jamira Jackson 361; Edith Eddins 356.


The class was brought back together by Kevin Eddins leading 507t. Leaders: Mike Jones 418; Ethan Eddins 175; Crystal Menas 282; Katlin Bailey 205; Karen Rollins 387; Ken Sundberg 489; Regina Derstine 567; Stephen Huffman 504t; Emily Eddins 214; Chris Noren 486 (in memory of Steve Helwig); Tim Royappa and Stanley Smith 210; Ryan Bowman 588; Nancy Van Den Akker 449; Eric Eddins 63; Fay Hughes 148; Ateven Snderson 122.


Erica Martinez brought the class back together by leading 40. Leaders: Tommie Spurlock 464; Wanda Gregg 573; Morgan Bunch 559; Chip Westbrook 513t; Chris Nicholson 392; Sue Bunch 203; Anne Royappa 133; Perry Keidel 107; Alfred Jones 553; Becky Briggs 522. The class sang 369, and Gary Padgett asked a blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session was called to order by Bill Hogan leading 441. Leaders: Elam Eddins 164; Mary Huffman 507b; Sarah Blevins 106; Stanley Smith 58 (for George Mosley and in memory of Bobby Willis); Alice Sundberg 275t; Gerald Manning 341 (in memory of Bobby Willis); Dana Eddins 162; Elaine Trussell and Chris Nicholson 96; Ken Kelley 404; Jamira Jackson 65; Crystal Menas, J.A. Mosley, and Alice Mosley 571; Karen Rollins and Stanley Smith 365; Ken Sundberg 497; Mary Huffman 38t; Anne Royappa 38b; Ben Fink 465 (in honor of Coy Ivey); Stephen Huffman 575; Nancy Van Den Akker 108b; Tim Royappa 77t; Erica Martinez 98; Fay Hughes 336t; Wanda Gregg 463; Evie Eddins, Emily Eddins, Eli Eddins, Ezra Eddins, Elam Eddins, Ewan Eddins, Edith Eddins, Eric Eddins, Ethan Eddins, and Elliot Eddins 304 (in memory of Daphene Causey); Tommie Spurlock 120 (for Jewell Rowland’s son).

Announcements were made. The Memorial Committee members appointed were Kevin Eddins and Emily Eddins. Bill Hogan, Nicole Bowman, Ethan Eddins, and Evie Eddins led 95b as the closing song. Bill Hogan closed the session with prayer.

Sunday, January 28

The Sunday morning session was called to order by Bill Hogan leading 422b. Bill thanked everyone for coming, and the church for welcoming the convention. Bill talked about listening before we speak, then led 520. The opening prayer was offered by Tim Taylor.

Leaders: J.A. Mosley and Alice Mosley 484; Nicole Bowman 199; Evie Eddins 499; Nancy Hogan 309; Gary Padgett 193; Wynette Smith 128; Eli Eddins 48t; Tim Taylor 200; Regina Derstine 552; Jim Goetz 269; Ewan Eddins 192; Katlin Bailey 516; Eric Eddins 99.


Nicole Bowman brought the class back together by leading 274t. Leaders: Chris Noren 430; Ethan Eddins 40; Alfred Jones 264b; Morgan Bunch 55; Tommie Spurlock 183; Sue Bunch 138t; Wayne Jones 336t.

The memorial committee was recognized to present the memorial lesson. Kevin Eddins spoke on the uniqueness of Sacred Harp music as having music that was consistent with the meaning of its words that express a fearlessness of death. Kevin read 1 Thessalonians 4:9-18, noting its message that comfort is in Christ. To the world, it sounds too good to be true, that Christ rose from the dead and will return, and in this we find comfort. Kevin then read the following list of names of the deceased: Hugh W. McGraw, Johnny Lee, Dolorese Lee—Georgia; Steve Helwig—Oregon; Johnnie Chafin, Daphene Causey, J.D. Jones, and Winston Jones—Alabama; Darrell Swarens—Indiana; Bob Bonnell—Florida; Charles Wells and Frances Gurtz—Minnesota; Edith Owen and Jane Goforth—Texas; Buena Mae Purvis, and Elder Bobby Willis. Kevin led 30b, remembering first hearing it led by Bill Aplin.

Emily Eddins read the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Velton Chafin, Robert Chambless, Ann Blake, Coy Ivey, Judy Chambless, Wilburn Ellison, and Curtis Owen. Emily led 61 in honor of these people. Chris Nicholson closed the memorial session with prayer.

Leaders: Ryan Bowman 242 (for Syd Caldwell); Ezra Eddins 48b; Tim Jones 120; Shannan McKenzie 240; Nancy Van Den Akker 563; Fay Hughes 511t; Mary Amelia Taylor 380t; Wanda Gregg 408; Kevin Eddins and Dana Eddins 315; Ben Fink 393; Becky Briggs 73t; Edith Eddins 196; Chris Nicholson 264t; Aubrey Barfield 357; Ateven Snderson and Matt Reyna 211; Elam Eddins 383. The class sang 369, and Ben Fink asked a blessing before the noon meal.


The class was called back to order for the afternoon session by Bill Hogan leading 453t. Leaders: Jamira Jackson 218; Dana Eddins 508; Perry Keidel 159; Emily Eddins 28b; Stanley Smith 464; Jim Goetz 225t; Fay Hughes 207t; Chris Nicholson 95t; Ben Fink 527; Regina Derstine and Todd Derstine 518; Wanda Gregg 186; Nancy Van Den Akker 207b; Ateven Snderson and Matt Reyna 419; Chris Noren 328; Shannan McKenzie 154b; Jim Goetz 132. Nancy Hogan reported that expenses had been met, and there had been ninety-seven leaders, who led one hundred twenty-seven songs. Nancy led 49t.

Announcements were made. Bill Hogan, Nancy Hogan, Nicole Bowman, J.A. Mosley, Alice Mosley, Evie Eddins, and Edith Eddins led 324. The class was dismissed with prayer offered by Aubrey Barfield.

Chairman—Bill Hogan; Vice Chairmen—J.A. Mosley and Nicole Bowman; Secretaries and Arranging Committee—Nancy Hogan and Evie Eddins