Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Feast and Fasola

Home of Mark and Lori Graber, Delavan, Illinois

Saturday, January 27, 2018

The annual Feast and FaSoLa Singing held on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in January was called to order by Lori Graber leading 142 (MH), after which Mark Graber offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Presley Barker 2 (MH); John Huffman 49b; Don Bardsley 91; Shirley Figura 39t; Ted Mercer 144 (MH); Paul Figura 38t; Terry Hogg 523; Peggy Brayfield 139 (MH); Barbara Chopin 180 (MH); Lori Graber 8 (MH); Janet Fraembs 421; John Seaton 48t; Martha Tyner 59; Jonathon Smith 57; Mark Graber 551; Presley Barker 505.


John Huffman called the class back to order leading 63. Don Bardsley led 178 for Peggy Peryam, who was unable to attend. Leaders: Shirley Figura 28b; Ted Mercer 353; Paul Figura 179; Mark Graber 66; Terry Hogg 135 (MH) (for Joan Aldridge); Peggy Brayfield 172 (MH); Barbara Chopin 496; Joan Aldridge 276; Lori Graber 203; Jonathon Smith 228; John Seaton 105 (MH); Martha Tyner 479; Janet Fraembs 335; Presley Barker 131 (MH); John Huffman 163b; Don Bardsley 168; Shirley Figura 122 (MH); Ted Mercer 419 (in memory of Julie Vea); Paul Figura 127 (MH); Mark Graber 86 (in memory of pain); Peggy Brayfield 151 (MH) (in memory of Darrell Swarens). Presley Barker led the class in singing 164 (MH) for table grace.


The afternoon session began with Lori Graber leading 148. Leaders: Terry Hogg 142 (MH) (in memory of Berkley Moore); Barbara Chopin 313b; Joan Aldridge 217 (in memory of Darrell Swarens); Jonathon Smith 202; John Seaton 62 (MH); Janet Fraembs 440; Presley Barker 47t; John Huffman 147t; Don Bardsley 145t (in memory of Berkley Moore); Shirley Figura 299; Mark Graber 503; Paul Figura 51 (MH); Terry Hogg 145 (MH); Ted Mercer 147 (MH) (in memory of Steve Helwig); Peggy Brayfield “Hosanna” (handout); Barbara Chopin 159 (MH); Joan Aldridge 166; Lori Graber 174.


Lori Graber called the class back together leading 135. Leaders: Jonathon Smith 78 (MH); John Seaton 122; Presley Barker 138 (MH); John Huffman 350; Don Bardsley 198; Mark Graber 515; Paul Figura 337; Terry Hogg 549; Ted Mercer 209 (in memory of Ann Sleeva); Peggy Brayfield 114; Lori Graber 150.

Lori Graber thanked all who came, and the class thanked the Grabers for their excellent hospitality for yet another year. The class then sang 347 as the closing song. Mark Graber offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Lori Graber; Secretary—Janet Fraembs