Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Rehoboth House Singing (Shenandoah Harmony and Christian Harmony)

Rehoboth House, West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Monday, January 1, 2018

The second annual Rehoboth House All-Day Singing was held on New Year’s Day. Rachel Hall called the class to order by leading 59t (CH). Leaders: Katy Hunter 292 (CH); Leah Velleman 354 (CH); Jordan Reed 172 (CH); Bethany Towne 277 (CH); Thomas Ward 302 (CH); Leah Wilde 82t (CH); Elizabeth Patton 193 (CH); Hollie Long 175 (CH); Micah Walter 346 (CH); Ruth Wampler 162 (CH); Joel Bassett 214 (CH); Brenda Dunlap 364 (CH); Ina Shea 365 (CH); Kirsten Jensen 228 (CH); Chris Cotter 114 (CH).


Katy Hunter called the class to order by leading 190 (CH). Leaders: Joel Bassett 189 (CH); Leon Pulsinelle 185 (CH); Mary Capron 105b (CH); Nancy Tkacs 31b (CH); Brenda Dunlap 326 (CH); Chris Cotter 10 (CH); Thomas Ward 510b (CH); Leah Velleman 184 (CH); Greg Law 103 (CH); Jordan Reed 17 (CH); Leah Wilde 480 (CH); Elizabeth Patton 522 (CH); Hollie Long 486t (CH); Micah Walter 136 (CH); Ruth Wampler 532 (CH); Katy Hunter 18 (CH). Kirsten Jensen offered the noon blessing.


Leon Pulsinelle called the class to order by leading 56 (ShH). Leaders: Micah Walter 5t (ShH); Daniel Hunter 250 (ShH); Ina Shea 200 (ShH); Leon Pulsinelle 367 (ShH); Brenda Dunlap 417 (ShH); Nancy Tkacs 4b (ShH); Leah Velleman 114 (ShH); Jordan Reed 156 (ShH); Greg Law 94 (ShH); Thomas Ward 129t (ShH); Chris Cotter 128 (ShH); Elizabeth Patton 13b (ShH); Anna Melton 25 (ShH); Bethany Towne 201 (ShH); Rachel Hall 324 (ShH); Ruth Wampler 242 (ShH).


Miriam Delirium called the class to order by leading 363 (ShH). Leaders: Leon Pulsinelle 260t (ShH); Rachel Hall 10 (ShH); Brenda Dunlap 278 (ShH); Ina Shea 381 (ShH); Thomas Ward 232 (ShH); Chris Cotter 178 (ShH); Jordan Reed 179 (ShH); Jimmy Griffin 180 (ShH); Greg Law 51 (ShH); Leah Velleman 270 (ShH); Miriam Delirium 204 (ShH); Anna Melton 170 (ShH); Leah Wilde 217 (ShH); Daniel Hunter 46 (ShH); Thomas Ward 374t (ShH).

Rachel Hall led 1b (ShH) as the closing song and the class was dismissed. There were twenty-four leaders from four states and the District of Columbia, and thirty-two Christian Harmony songs and thirty-four Shenandoah Harmony songs were sung.

Chairman—Rachel Hall; Secretary—Bethany Towne