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Florida State Convention (Cooper Book)

Holiday Inn, Panama City, Florida

December 2-3, 2017

Saturday, December 2

The 50th session of the Florida State Sacred Harp Convention was called to order by Wynette Smith leading 475. The opening prayer was offered by Russ Scholz.

Leaders: Ryan Bowman 54t; Kevin Eddins 288; Victoria Aplin 63; Lauren Allen 464; Ezra Eddins 31b; Evie Eddins 499; Russ Scholz 87; Judy Chambless 108t; Winfred Kerr 146; Chris Nicholson 96; Edith Eddins 36b; Oscar McGuire 276; Wayne Jones 156; Eli Eddins 283; Rebecca Over 416t. Mary Whitehurst and Nancy Hogan were appointed as the memorial committee.


The singing continued with Ryan Bowman leading 319. Leaders: Eric Eddins 207b; Robert Chambless 72; Sue Bunch 444t; Ethan Eddins 594; Alice Sundberg 504t; Aubrey Barfield 224; Jose R. Camacho 112; Nancy Hogan 84; Gary Padgett 505; Nicole Bowman 127; Elam Eddins 383; Tommie Spurlock 574; Annabel Tanner 148.


The singing continued with Kevin Eddins leading 29b. Leaders: Ken Sundberg 214; Mary Whitehurst 497; Bill Hogan 230; Jewell Rowland 340; Lelon Phillips 573; Dana Eddins 133; Morgan Bunch 98; Chip Westbrook 398b; Loretta Jones 516; Lloyd Jones 571. The class sang 369, and grace was offered by Shane Brown.


The afternoon session was called to order by Ryan Bowman leading 101t. Leaders: Wynette Smith 358; Stanley Smith 235; Nate Green and Norma Green 451; Ewan Eddins 168; Shane Brown 36t; Ralph Ward 553; David Strickland 49b; Anna Strickland 87; Jay Larson and Lars Larson 348t; Olivia Larson and Emma Larson 573; Aubrey Barfield and Karla Berlioz 392; Lauren Allen 559; Jose R. Camacho 272; Annabel Tanner 81; Ken Sundberg 393; Shane Brown 48t; Alice Sundberg 268b; Rebecca Over 140; Chris Nicholson 108b; Oscar McGuire 47b; Winfred Kerr 45t; Bill Hogan and Nancy Hogan 520; Sue Bunch 585; the Barfield family (Margaret, Aubrey, Victoria, and Jewell).

Announcements were made. The class sang 331t as the closing song, and was dismissed with prayer offered by Kevin Eddins.

Sunday, December 3

The Sunday session of the Florida State Convention was called to order by Wynette Smith leading 49t. The opening prayer was offered by Bill Hogan. Bill read scripture from Isaiah, chapter 43.

Leaders: Wynette Smith 36b; Ryan Bowman 186; Kevin Eddins 324; Victoria Aplin 76b; Aubrey Barfield 306; Morgan Bunch 175; Ezra Eddins 277; Ken Kelley 470; Evie Eddins 482; Russ Scholz 283; Edith Eddins 132; Wayne Jones 47t; Eli Eddins 50t; Tim Jones 447b; Eric Eddins 98; Mike Jones 553; Ethan Eddins 384.


The class was brought back together by Ryan Bowman leading 87. Leaders: Robert Chambless 474; Gary Padgett 193; Judy Chambless 29t; Michael Jones 290; Nicole Bowman 68t.

At this time, Mary Whitehurst and Nancy Hogan conducted the memorial lesson. Mary Whitehurst read the list of the sick and shut-ins, and then led 58 in their honor.

Nancy Hogan read the following list of names of the deceased: Bob Bonnell and Rev. Larry Broome—Florida; Hugh McGraw—Georgia; Jane Goforth and Edith Owens—Texas; J.D. Jones, Eloise Wootten, and Floy Wilder—Alabama. They led 380t in memory of the deceased. Gary Padgett closed the memorial session with prayer.

Leaders: Elam Eddins 304; Tommie Spurlock 264b; Ralph Ward 199; Mary Whitehurst 524; Jewell Rowland 341; David Strickland 291; Barbara Jones 140. The class sang 369, and Wayne Jones asked a blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session was called to order by Kevin Eddins leading 96 and 273. Leaders: Ewan Eddins 99; Autumn Miller 81; Nate Green and Norma Green 244; Dana Eddins 203; Stanley Smith 522; Rebecca Over 587; Chris Nicholson 264t; Laura Allen 54t; Winfred Kerr 89; Anna Strickland 323t; Oscar McGuire 293b; Nancy Hogan 543; Sue Bunch 514; Bill Hogan, Nancy Hogan, and Mary Whitehurst 591; Geoffrey Brooks 277; Jamie Kelley 146; Aubrey Barfield 404; Tommie Spurlock 183; the Eddins family 122.

In a business meeting, Tommie Spurlock gave the financial, report and announced that we collections were sufficient to cover all expenses. He announced the officers for next year as follows: Chairman—Ryan Bowman; 1st Vice Chairman—Kevin Eddins; 2nd Vice Chairman—Oscar McGuire. He expressed thanks to everyone for their contributions to help make this singing a success.

Ryan Bowman, Kevin Eddins, and Oscar McGuire led 95b as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Russ Scholz, and the class was dismissed.

Secretary—Aubrey Barfield