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Southwest Texas Convention

Bethel Primitive Baptist Church - McMahan, Texas

April 29-30, 1995

Saturday, April 29

The annual session of the Southwest Texas Sacred Harp Singing Convention met on the fifth weekend in the spring as it has done since 1900. Chairman Tom Owen opened the singing leading songs on pages 31t, 331. The morning prayer was offered by Andrew Albers. Chairman Tom Owen 511b; Vice Chairman B. E. Matthews 170; Secretary John Baker 276. Leaders: Barbara Moore 61; Gary Rogan 312; Joe Nelson 384; Lewis Smith 217; Jeanette Adams 275b; Al Rogers 575; Dick Steil 63; Myrl Jones 189; Mary Bachmann 508; Ophelia Matthews 563; Lawson Smith 571; Monnie Ross, Jr. 491; Beverly Coates 155; Myra Palmer 497; Jeb Owen 559; A. A. Smith, Jr. 268b.


Tom Owen called the class together leading song on page 42. Leaders: Curtis Owen 489; Sarah Bryant 361; Ray Barnett 45; Harold Hammock, Jr. 277; Charles Whitmer 543b; Peter Nichols 572; Emmie Morris 98; Horace Batchelor 289; Elizabeth Rogan 110; Sarah Coates 77t; Abbie Morris 293b; Michele Rogan 142; Reed Coates 159; Jennifer Rogan 299. In the business of the singing, Vice Chairman B. E. Matthews was promoted to Chairman, Al Rogers was elected Vice Chairman, and John Baker was retained as Secretary.


The afternoon session was opened by Chairman B. E. Matthews leading song on page 406. Leaders: Gaylon Powell 522; Vivian Rogan 32t; John Morris 390; Andrew Albers 89; Verna Powell 103; Edith Owen 47t; George Jones 553; Martha Notgrass 40; Doris Hanks 355; Leland Owen 285; Troxel Ballou 47b; Mary Oruc 383; Stephen Emmons 87; Barbara Moore 229; Horace Batchelor 324; Joe Nelson 58; Myrl Jones 300; Dick Steil 128; Myra Palmer 414; Monnie Ross, Jr. 108b; Lawson Smith 235.


The class reassembled with B. E. Matthews leading song on page 507. Leaders: Gary Rogan 54t; Charles Whitmer “Love At Home”; Jill Notgrass 358; Jane Notgrass 171; A. A. Smith, Jr. 298; Ray Barnett 515; Louie Smith 215; Troxel Ballou 254; Andrew Albers 577; Jeb Owen 274t; Jennifer Rogan 239; Emmie Morris 220; Mary Bachmann 400; Vivian Rogan 282; Mary Oruc 112; Harold Hammock 427. The chairman closed the day with number 62, and prayer was offered by Tom Owen.

Sunday, April 30

The convention was called together at 9:30 a.m. by Chairman B. E. Matthews leading songs on pages 31b, 49t. The morning prayer was offered by Gary Rogan. Vice Chairman Al Rogers 500; Secretary John Baker 120. Leaders: Louie Smith 222; Ray Barnett 503; Andrew Albers 267b; Jennifer Rogan 196; John Morris 186; Ophelia Matthews 447t for Alcie Craig; Vivian Rogan 72; A. A. Smith, Jr. 53; Verna Powell 290; Mary Bachmann 393t; Lawson Smith 142; Myra Palmer 304; Gary Rogan 387; Horace Batchelor 73b; Joe Nelson 288; Barbara Moore 99.


The singing resumed with Vice Chairman Al Rogers leading song on page 63. Leaders: Beverly Coates 133; Myrl Jones 183; Kevin Powell 132; Emmie Morris 192; Steve Fildes 159; Curtis Owen 442t; Jeanette Adams 470; Bobbie Rainoshek 282; Pam Rainoshek 348t; Tammy Powell 189; Ray Hanks 450; George Jones 558b; Leland Owen 343; Amanda Owen 300; Elizabeth Rogan 148; Abbie Morris 172; Sarah Coates 224; Michele Rogan 427; Reed Coates 264b; Steve Emmons 139; Landis Powell 47t; Lisa Hardaway 492; Doris Hanks 36b; Edwin Reed 395; Jeb Owen 559; Edith Owen 410. A memorial service was held for the following singers and friends lost this past year: Louise Deatherege, Ethel Clark, Dale Redmond, Sr., Weldon Hutcheson, Irvin Johnson, Elder Harold Russell, Elder Pete Walker, Byrd Buchner, and Myrtle Cobb. Curtis Owen then read from song on page 383, “O what of all my sufferings here, if, Lord, thou count me meet....”, reminding the class that “our hope is in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.” He then led 199, “City of Light”. John Morris then led 381t. Al Rogers then led 45t, “Amazing Grace”, for the sick and shut-ins. Session was closed with prayer by Ray Hanks.


The afternoon session was opened by the chairman leading song on page 146. Leaders: Gaylon Powell 200; Sarah Bryant 182; Tom Owen 166b; Louie Smith 434; Andrew Albers 375; Lawson Smith 108b; Horace Batchelor 56; Myrl Jones 332; Emmie Morris 345t; A. A. Smith, Jr. 515; Jeannette Adams 280; John Morris 163; Martha Notgrass 127; Myra Palmer 522; Ray Barnett 488b; Vivian Rogan 100; Cassandra Baker 323b; Barbara Moore 335.


Leaders: Kevin Powell 536; Gary Rogan 369; Mary Bachmann 568; Lisa Hardaway 572; Bobbie Rainoshek 164; Steve Fildes 239; Pam Rainoshek 358; Reed Coates 401; Abbie Morris 31t; Elizabeth Rogan 489; Michele Rogan 111t; Sarah Coates 203; Amanda Owen 508; Curtis Owen 266t; Andrew Albers 336b. The Chairman, B. E. Matthews, led the closing song on page 69, with prayer offered by Tom Owen.

NOTE: The next meeting of SWTSHSC will be at Littlevine Primitive Baptist Church in Austin, Texas on the fifth weekend of the fall—October 28-29, 1995.

Chairman—B. E. Matthews; Vice Chairman—Al Rogers; Secretary—John Baker.