Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Tallahassee Singing (Cooper Book)

Tallahassee Museum, Tallahassee, Florida

Saturday, October 7, 2017

The 24th annual Tallahassee Singing was called to order by Morgan Bunch, who led 293b, and welcomed the class. Les Singleton offered the opening prayer.

Morgan Bunch led 36b. Aubrey Barfield led 30b, 171, and 186 as the introductory lesson. Leaders: Ann Blake 192; Ellen Gwynn 295; Jeffrey Forbes 108b; Shannan McKenzie 454; Steve McDowell 239; Fay Beard 324; Ken Sundberg 128.


Jonathan Skeet Surrency brought the class back together leading 282. Leaders: Alice Sundberg 139; Tor Bejnar 414; Nancy Agnew 146; Jose Camacho 196; Beverly Dayton 276; Mitchell Stecher 277; Anna Strickland 393; Les Singleton 63; Basil Blake 489; Chris Parris 559; Ellen Fournier 49t; Steve Talbert 478; Molly Bagley 331b; Vik Slen 48b.


Steven Taylor called the class back to order leading 31b. Leaders: Michael Palmer 268t; Sue Bunch 54t; Tommie Spurlock 99; Jonathan Skeet Surrency 132; Stanley Smith 112; Steven Taylor 113; Aubrey Barfield 497; Eliza Green and Ann Blake 210; Morgan Bunch 369. Aubrey Barfield offered the blessing for the noon meal.


Shannan McKenzie brought the class back to order leading 96. Leaders: Jeffrey Forbes 31t; Shannan McKenzie 154t; Fay Beard 38t; Ken Sundberg 124t; Jonathan Skeet Surrency 183; Basil Blake, Beverly Dayton, and Tor Bejnar 486; Nancy Agnew 274t; Jose Camacho 427; Mitchell Stecher 203; Anna Strickland 68t; Les Singleton 447t; Chris Parris 358; Steve Talbert 392; Tim Roop 49b; Molly Bagley 422b; Michael Palmer 47b; Tommie Spurlock 553; Stanley Smith 335; Steven Taylor 155; Marty Pytel and Steven Taylor 45t; Sue Bunch 516; Sadie Bagley 107; Jose Camacho 235; Shannan McKenzie and Aubrey Barfield 163t.

Following announcements, Morgan Bunch led 95b. Mitchell Stecher offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Morgan Bunch; Secretaries—Sue Bunch and Ellen Gwynn