Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Mount Rainier Singing (Cooper Book)

Buckley Hall, Buckley, Washington

Saturday, August 19, 2017

The 9th annual Mount Rainier Singing held on Saturday before the third Sunday in August was called to order by Kathy Vlach and Karen Willard leading 49t. Rodman Campbell offered the opening prayer.

The singing was organized with the following officers: Co-Chairpersons—Kathy Vlach and Karen Willard; Secretary—David Wright; Arranging Officer—Kate Coxon.

Leaders: Kathy Vlach 54t; Karen Willard 48t; Darlene Simpson-Brown 195; Bob Schinske 33; Laura McMurray 411; Destiny Woods 96; Greg Saue 505; Marla Elliott 463; Erik Schwab 243b; Nancy Price and Peter Lange 515; Rodman Campbell 315; Nell Whitman 176t; Bruce Rowland 208; Desirae Fendel 514; Erika Wilson 364; Lucinda Larsen Saue 571.


Karen Willard called the class to order leading 31b. Leaders: Peter Schinske 580; Clarissa Fetrow 224; William Price and William Lange 500; Cornelia Stanton 559; Ethan Hardy 38t; Steve Helwig 380b; Inga Huebner 331b; Bruce Rowland 572; Laura McMurray 30b; Lucinda Larsen Saue 393; Erik Schwab 269; Nell Whitman 148; Greg Saue 563; Darlene Simpson-Brown 581; Erika Wilson 416t; Bob Schinske 355; Rodman Campbell 421; Kathy Vlach and Luke Winslow 508; Marla Elliott 239; Nancy Price and Peter Lange 63; Destiny Woods 594. Rodman Campbell asked a blessing on the noon meal.


Karen Willard opened the afternoon session leading 95b. Leaders: Kate Coxon 464; Cornelia Stanton 573; Ethan Hardy 328; Inga Huebner and Clarissa Fetrow 297; Steve Helwig 29b (for Pat Coghlan); William Price 268t; Karen Willard 570; Nell Whitman and Janet Shelstad 31b; Erika Wilson 567; Desirae Fendel 392; Marla Elliott 587; Bob Schinske 478; Lucinda Larsen Saue 31t; Nancy Price 229; Kathy Vlach 30t; Peter Schinske 501; Greg Saue 133.


Kathy Vlach brought the class back to order by leading 504t. Leaders: Rodman Campbell 38b; Bruce Rowland 282; Inga Huebner 201; Erik Schwab 486; Steve Helwig 189; Cornelia Stanton 449; Janet Shelstad 338; Destiny Woods 192; William Price 107; Peter Schinske 541; Laura McMurray 89; Darlene Simpson-Brown 336t; Ethan Hardy 511b; Clarissa Fetrow 383.

Karen Willard and Kathy Vlach led 147 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer offered by Rodman Campbell.

Co-Chairpersons—Kathy Vlach and Karen Willard; Secretary—David Wright