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Colorado Cooper Book Singing

Highland Recreation Center, Denver, Colorado

Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Colorado Cooper Book Singing was held on the fifth Sunday in July at the Highland Recreation Center in Denver, Colorado. Stephanie Fida brought the class to order leading 171. The opening prayer was offered by Corrie Van Duzer.

The following officers were appointed: Chairman—Stephanie Fida; Treasurer—Ryan Lewis; Secretary—Lizzy Van Blerkom.

Leaders: Bonnie Dolan 54t; Sharon Kermiet 98; David Schmitt 48t; Cathy Van Blerkom 184b; Ryan Lewis 49t; Erik Mason 511t; Thom Fahrbach 497; Luke Sivertson 302; Mike Chaffin 68t; Mary Brandis 567; Amandeep Boyer 105b; Corrie Van Duzer 277; Catie Van Duzer 588; Tom Ivey 494; Judy Van Duzer and Corrie Van Duzer 571; Kirk Boyer 59; Paul Lindholm 273.


Joel Igli called the class back to order leading 276. Leaders: Amanda Jokerst 324; Marie Adams and Sharon Kermiet 393; Julia Zaffarano and Megan Kent 45t; Ben Copenhaver 468; Bob Schinske 512; Kate Fine 559; Ryan Lewis 560; Jerry Schreiber 505; Steve Luttinen 318; JR Hardman 55; Alec Jenkins-White 503; Rebecca Edwards 464; Kate Coxon 269; Wren Hyde 144; David Wright 594.


Ben Copenhaver called the class back to order leading 511b. Leaders: Ana Tighe 524; Linda Selph 411; Betsy Jeronen 46; Leigh Cooper 210.

The memorial lesson was held at this time. Tom Ivey led 444t for the following sick and shut-ins: Mark Dallas, Concetta Branson, Elaine Zidek, Marianne Davis, Chris Holley, Melanie Hauff, Curtis Owen, Edith Owen, Paul Wilson, and Agnes Roberts.

Erik Mason led 86 in memory of the following deceased: Teddy Eastburn and David Muniz—Colorado; Charles Wells, Louise Gervais, Collette Miller, and Bob Tuma—Minnesota; Gordon Lassahn—Idaho; Elizabeth Nussbaum and Jane Goforth—Texas; Gerhart Schwab—Ohio; Jack McCulloh—South Dakota; Pandora Wright—California; Hugh McGraw, B.M. Smith, Earlis McGraw, Johnny Lee, and Dolorese Lee—Georgia; Katie Jenks—Washington; Meredith Matlack and Trevor Matuszak—New Mexico; Toney Smith—Alabama; Don Fahrbach—Michigan; and Les Sontag—Illinois.

Leaders: Sophia Schinske and Jonathan Kaufman Scher 565; Erik Schwab 589; Claire Singleton 68b; Adrian Eldridge 133; Evelyn Lamb 514; India Genack 132; Chris Nicholson 264t; Jeff Begley 156; Eva Striebeck 482; Joel Menk 539. Catie Van Duzer offered the prayer before the noon meal.


Thom Fahrbach called the class back to order leading 507t. Leaders: John Wiens 361; William Gilman 401; Rodman Campbell 422t; Sharon Strong 229; Abbie Sorg 47b; Katelyn Krygowski and Corrie Van Duzer 297; Gillian Inksetter 575; Angie Payne and David Wright 581; Jennifer Jones 381t; Ellen Ray 392; Alexa Copeland 140; India Genack 422b; Tom Ivey 380t; JR Hardman 408.


Eric Schwab called the class back to order leading 572. Leaders: Chris Nicholson 95t; Kate Fine 541; Eva Striebeck 449; Jerry Schreiber 39; Linda Selph 397; Rebecca Edwards 443; Marie Brandis 38t; Ben Copenhaver and Stephanie Copenhaver 404; Bob Schinske 587; Adrian Eldridge and Stephanie Fida 573; Evelyn Lamb 41.

A business meeting was held to hear committee reports. The Resolutions Committee thanked the officers and all those involved in making the singing possible.

Stephanie Fida made final remarks, and led 62 as the closing song. Catie Van Duzer offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Stephanie Fida; Secretary—Lizzy Van Blerkom