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Chicago Cooper Book Singing

Wilson Abbey, Uptown, Chicago, Illinois

Saturday, July 29, 2017

The 2nd annual Chicago Cooper Book Singing was held at Wilson Abbey, Chicago, Illinois, on Saturday before the fifth Sunday in July. The class was called to order at 12:00 p.m. by Jim Helke and Ann Sleeva leading 133. Jim Swanson offered the opening prayer. Song selections were from the B.F. White Sacred Harp, Revised Cooper Edition, 2012.

Leaders: Jim Helke 507t; Mary Rogel 587 (in honor of Amrit Singh); Hannah McConnell 183; Erica Detemmerman 492; Michael Mosley 179; Ginny Landgraf 375; Jerry Gripshover 340; Matthew Siefelt 168; Jim Swanson 392; Nick Pasqual 87; Chuck Stoffle 503; Mary Rogel 486; Hannah McConnell 254; Jerry Gripshover 218.

A business session was held to elect the following officers: Chairman—Lyda Jackson; Vice Chairman—Ginny Landgraf; Secretary—Erica Detemmerman.

Leaders: Lyda Jackson 505; Erica Detemmerman 65; Michael Mosley 96; Randy Neufeld 279; Ginny Landgraf 38t; Jim Helke 580; Lyda Jackson 278t; Ushuaia Milstsu 47b; Chuck Stoffle 575; Jacob Lee 500; Matthew Seifert 511t; Jim Swanson 140; Nick Pasqual 273.


Terry Hogg brought the class back together leading 393. Leaders: Cathy Stoffle 45t; Susan Geil 45b; Mary Rogel 526; Erica Detemmerman 288; Michael Mosley 78; Randy Neufeld and Susan Geil 268t (in honor of their thirty-sixth wedding anniversary); Ginny Landgraf 504b; Jim Helke 41 (in memory of Johnny Lee); Lyda Jackson 489; Jerry Gripshover 239; Ann Sleeva 289; Chuck Stoffle 276; Jacob Lee 502; Jim Swanson 499.

Jim Swanson asked a blessing before the noon meal.


Mary Rogel spoke on behalf of the finance committee, and led 195. Leaders: Nick Pasqual 457; Susan Geil 137; Mary Rogel 540; Michael Mosley 559; Randy Neufeld 63; Ginny Landgraf 83t; Jim Helke 55; Lyda Jackson 467; Jerry Gripshover 28b; Ann Sleeva 314.


Leaders: Jim Swanson 269; Susan Geil 553; Mary Rogel 483; Michael Mosley 411; Ginny Landgraf 38b; Erica Detemmerman 447t; Lyda Jackson 421; Jerry Gripshover 98; Jim Swanson 229; Ann Sleeva 590.

Lyda Jackson thanked each of the organizers and all of the singers in attendance. Announcements were made. Mary Rogel, speaking on the behalf of the Finance committee, reported that expenses had been met. The Secretary reported that sixty-nine songs were led by sixteen leaders from two states.

Lyda Jackson and Ginny Landgraf led 62 as the closing song. Jim Swanson offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Lyda Jackson; Vice Chairman—Ginny Landgraf; Secretary—Erica Detemmerman