Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Tri-State Sacred Harp Convention (Georgia, Florida, Alabama) - Cooper Book

Hoboken, Georgia

October 18, 1997

The singing was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by David Lee and Clarke Lee leading song on page 393b. A welcome address was given by David Lee, and the class then sang the scale. David Lee and Clarke Lee led 567 and 28b while walking time. The morning prayer was offered by Jesse Roberts. Kathy Lee led song on page 31t; Julie Lee 159; Amy Lee 285t.

Leaders: J. A. Mosley 575; Shelbie Sheppard 38b; Charles Brewer 489; Johnny Lee 41; Janine Smith 191; Eugene Hickox 336t; Thomas Willard 392; B. M. Smith 559; Kathryn Keller 488b; Thurman Nall 287.


David Lee and Clarke Lee brought the class to order leading song on page 391. Leaders: Norma Latham 84; Reba Windom 505; Alice Mosley 343b; Jesse Roberts 434; Kathy Wallace 77t; Lane Albritton 348t; Faye Pettis 377t; Steven Labato 506; Stanley Smith 156; Becca Herrin 45t; Steven Levine 563; Helen Bryson 484b; Bill Farris 401; Marcia Johnson 38t (walked time).

David Lee talked about Silas Lee and his contribution to Sacred Harp singing in this area over the last 60 to 70 years of his life, and our sorrow at his passing away this past spring. We sang 53 in his memory.


David Lee brought the class together leading song on page 278b. Leaders: Syble Adams 572; Jason Deal 58; Judy Mincey 140; Hannah Lee, Rachel Lee, and Sarah Hickox 511t; Bob Bonnell 133; Jenny Willard 562b; Otis Hester 383; Jessica, Ashley, and Hannah Roberts 203; Tim Meeks 235; Mary Elizabeth Lee 276; Melanie Hauff 218; Terry Herrin 500; Kit Pfau 410.


The singing resumed with David Lee leading song on page 478. Leaders: Keith Willard 416t; Don Bowen 393t; Pat Morse 132; Aubrey Barfield 306; Kathy Williams 300; Jim Pfau 524; Coy Ivey and grandchildren 87; Rodney Carter and Brian Lee 571, 574; Marlon Wootten 99; Joe Nall 536; Sharon Kellam 199; Bryant Lee 360 (walked time); Bill Aplin made some remarks regarding the history of this convention and then led 372; Susie Jacobs 451; Tommie Spurlock 98; Roy Nelson 82.


David Lee brought the class together by leading song on page 274t. Leaders: Jeff Sheppard 142; Ruell Lee 358; Lee Rogers 494; Wendell Hickox 505; Charles Franklin 176t; Elizabeth Lobato 138t; Tollie Lee 319 (walked time); Teresa Coats 492; Karen Martin 106; John Plunkett 455t; Brent Tozzer 48b; Arlene Strickland 282; Steve Parker 49b; Liz Bryant 50b; Linda Thomas 573; Ann Barnett 507b; David Lee and Clarke Lee 137 for Virgil Phillips.

David Lee and Clarke Lee thanked everyone for coming. Announcements were made. Our next annual singing will be held here in March 1999 instead of 1998 as had been previously announced.

The next session of the Tri-State Convention will be held at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Defuniak Springs, Florida.

David Lee and Clarke Lee led 527 as the closing song, and walked time. The class was dismissed with prayer offered by Jimmy Carter.

Chairman—David Lee and Clarke Lee; Secretaries—Julie Lee and Amy Lee.