Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Mount Pisgah Singing Society (Cooper Book)

Mount Pisgah Primitive Baptist Church,
Stroud, Chambers County, Alabama

Saturday, May 27, 2017

The annual all-day session of the Mount Pisgah Singing Society (organized in 1903) met at Mount Pisgah Primitive Baptist Church, and was called to order by Karen Clark at 9:00 a.m. leading 31b. The morning prayer was offered by Adam Brasich. Don Clark welcomed everyone, and then recognized the following officers of the singing: President—Karen Clark; 1st Vice President—David Lee; Secretary—Donna Bell; Arranging Committee—Don Clark and Laura Densmore.

Leaders: Karen Clark 70t; David Lee 176t, 128; Donna Bell 435 (in memory of B.M. Smith, Johnny Lee, and Delorese Lee), 309 (in honor of Hugh McGraw and Karen Rollins); Don Clark 58 (in memory of Sid Anglin), 558; Daniel Williams 74t, 553; Andy Morse 575, 572; Judy Chambless 413 (for Hugh McGraw); Bill Hogan 54t, 559; Tollie Lee 515, 507b; Nancy Hogan 49t, 520; Adam Brasich 101t, 69; Brenda Dunlap 144, 507t; Eugene Forbes 168, 384.


The second session of singing was brought to order by Carol Buche leading 484. Leaders: Jack Nelson and Karen Clark 514, 300; Shane Brown 312, 48t; Winfred Kerr 146, 186; Ann Riley 571, 192; Ben Fink 392, 229; Nate Green and Norma Green 84, 380t; Rebecca Over 411, 344; Helen Bryson 172 (in memory of Christine Keeble); Helen Bryson and Karen Clark 505 (by request); Darlene Dalton 587; Laura Densmore and Tommie Spurlock 574. Elder Jonathan Blakeley led 369 inside the church before offering the blessing of the noon meal at the tables.


David Lee brought the afternoon session of singing to order by leading 96. Leaders: Marion Patrick 358; Hubert Nall 442t; Samuel Williams 215; Faye Hollis 276; Stanley Smith, Tommie Spurlock, and Don Clark 112 (for Mrs. Margaret Spurlock); Verona Campbell and Karen Clark 274t; Waylon Blakeley 68t; Chris Holley 543; John Plunkett 457; Syble Adams and David Lee 264b; Kathy Lee and David Lee 148; Oscar McGuire 155; Jonathan Blakeley 47t; Myra Dalton 133 (in memory of Genora Meadows); Carol Buche 210; Richard Mauldin 43.

Don Clark recognized Ralph Cotton, Jane Cotton, Loretta Dobson, Hilda Guthrie, Helen Farr (age 90), and Lucille Armstrong (age 93). Ms. Farr and Ms. Armstrong stated that they remembered going to Sacred Harp singings with their grandparents when they were little girls. The group led 45t.

Leaders: Ken Kelley 404; Robert Chambless 73t; Matt Hinton 38t; Chita Blakeley 142; Bobby Watkins and David Lee 138t; Isabelle Green and Stanley Smith 196; Charlotte Bishop 511b (in memory of Odean Moran); Buell Cobb 45b (in memory of Dr. Bill Davis).

Following announcements, Karen Clark led 573 (by request). Elder Jonathan Blakeley offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

President—Karen Clark; 1st Vice President—David Lee; Secretary—Donna Bell