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Smith Memorial Sacred Harp Singing
(Cooper Book/The Sacred Harp, 1991 Revision)

New Harmony Community Center, New Harmony, Texas

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The 38th session of the Smith Memorial Sacred Harp Singing was called to order by Kristie Powell leading 59 (CB). David Jones offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Kristie Powell 380t (CB); Tammy Powell 553 (CB), 558 (CB); Sonny Erwin 569 (CB), 464 (CB); Robert Vaughn 140 (CB), 77t (CB); Cheryl Foreman 171 (CB), 417 (CB); Myrl Jones 491 (CB), 142 (CB); Marcelene Hardy 172 (CB), 112 (CB); Mike Hinton 63, 288; Kit Alderman 148, 117; David Jones 463 (CB), 406 (CB). Committee appointments were made as follows: Nominations Committee—Robert Vaughn; Memorial Committee—Mike Hinton and Gaylon Powell.


Kristie Powell called the class back together leading 37 (CB). Leaders: Rick Foreman 68b (CB), 461 (CB); Sonya Kirkham 39 (CB), 54t (CB); Margaret Roundsaval 450 (CB), 137 (CB); Owen Stephenson and Gaylon Powell 45t (CB).

The memorial lesson was conducted. Gaylon Powell led 515 (CB) for the following sick and shut-ins: Paul Wilson, Curtis Owen, Edith Owen, Crystal Meadows, Dale Redmond, Jr., Azalee Barnett, and Marian Grant.

Mike Hinton led 400 (CB) in memory of the following deceased: B.M. Smith, Johnny Lee, and Delorese Lee—Georgia; Cathey Marsh, Jimmy Foreman, Harold Hill, Bertha Upchruch, and Ruth Redmon—Texas; Levon Wootten, Toney Smith, and Lavoy Smith—Alabama. Robert Vaughn closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Gaylon Powell 244 (CB), 232 (CB); Priscilla Wiggins 344, 365. David Jones offered the noon prayer.


Kristie Powell called the class back to order by leading 39t. Leaders: Kris Wiggins 86, 30b; Peggy Ray 143, 569b; Sonny Erwin 480, 475; Charity Vaughn 422b (CB), 212 (CB); Robert Vaughn 522, 500; Cheryl Foreman 470 (CB), 486 (CB); Marcelene Hardy 189 (CB), 572 (CB); Mike Hinton 573 (CB), 544 (CB); Kit Alderson 47b (CB), 268b (CB).


Kristie Powell called the class back together leading 514 (CB). Leaders: Rick Foreman 31t (CB), 31b (CB); Sonya Kirkham 99, 124; Owen Stephenson 434 (CB); Priscilla Wiggins 472, 87; Gaylon Powell 422t (CB), 479 (CB); Kris Wiggins 236; Peggy Ray 78 (CB), 571 (CB); Lisa Matt 38t (CB); John Berendzen 505 (CB), 587 (CB).

A business meeting was conducted. The Treasurer reported that all expenses were met. The Nomination Committee gave their report as follows: Chairman—Kristie Powell; Vice Chairman—Mike Hinton; Secretary—Tammy Powell; Treasurer—Barbara Smith; Assistant Treasurer—Sue Utz; Chaplin—David Jones.

Kristie Powell led 503 as the closing song. Robert Vaughn offered the closing prayer.

Chairman pro tem—Kristie Powell; Secretary—Tammy Powell