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Florida State Convention (Cooper Book)

Holiday Inn, Panama City, Florida

December 3-4, 2016

Saturday, December 3

The 49th session of the Florida State Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held on the first Sunday and Saturday before in December. The class was called to order by Chris Noren leading 30t and 591. The opening prayer was offered by Eddie Mash.

Leaders: Wynette Smith 49b; Ryan Bowman 186; Victoria Aplin 516; Aubrey Barfield 497; Richard Mauldin 36b; Anne Blake 508; Eddie Mash 464; Edith Eddins 223; David Brodeur 182; Michele Cull 408; Ethan Eddins 118; Gary Rogan 384; Mary Whitehurst 46. Kevin Eddins and Dana Eddins were appointed as the Memorial Committee.


The singing continued with Ryan Bowman leading 559. Leaders: Gary Padgett 412; Ellen Fournier 208; Bill Hogan 306; Elizabeth Stoddard 482; Elam Eddins 406; Nancy Van Den Akker 453t; Ewan Eddins 98; Adam Brasich 68t; Geraldine Sharpton 393; Chris Nicolson 293b.


Wynette Smith led 146. Leaders: Andy Ditzler 357; Evie Eddins 217; Russ Scholz 128; Vivian Rogan 343; Hubert Nall 287; Oscar McGuire 276; Karen Noren 263; Darrell Swarens 505; Sue Bunch 585; Hans Guttman 511t; Tammy Heinsohn 155; Robert Stoddard 478; Nate Green and Norma Green 380t. Chris Noren led 369, and the class was dismissed for lunch.


The afternoon session began with Chris Noren leading 336t. Leaders: Robert Chambless 77t; Beverly Dayton 486; Eric Eddins 340; Pat Morse 268t; Nicole Bowman 28t; Ezra Eddins 277; Ellen Gwynn 76b; Lloyd Jones and Loretta Jones 45t; Morgan Bunch 514; Sonya Tice and Wynette Smith 518; Jonathan Surrency 176t; Alice Sundberg 380b; Ken Kelley 404; Dana Eddins 47t.


The class was brought together by Chris Nicholson leading 558. Leaders: Chip Westbrook 59; Jewell Rowland 143; Eli Eddins 175; Ken Sundberg 311; Shannan McKenzie 454; Wayne Jones 395b; Kevin Eddins 356; Tommie Spurlock 264b; Barbara Jones 54t; Stanley Smith 235.

Announcements were made. The class sang 229 as the closing song. Adam Brasich offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, December 4

The Sunday session of the Florida State Convention was called to order by Chris Noren leading 32t and 392. The opening prayer was offered by Andy Ditzler.

Leaders: Wynette Smith 282; Ryan Bowman 411; Victoria Aplin 421; Aubrey Barfield 365; Tim Jones 553; Mary Whitehurst 216; Gary Rogan 300; Dana Eddins 99; Gary Padgett 532; Elizabeth Stoddard 204; Ethan Eddins 206; Chris Nicholson 264t; Nancy Van Den Akker 422b; Andy Ditzler 220; Emily Eddins 313; Darrell Swarens 72; Elam Eddins 304; Michele Cull 571; Eddie Mash 140.


The class was brought to order by Nicole Bowman leading 580. Leaders: Hans Guttman 559; Geraldine Sharpton 372; Robert Stoddard 203.

The memorial lesson was held at this time. Evie Eddins read the names of the sick and shut-ins, and then led “Social” (by Stanley Smith).

Kevin Eddins read the following list of names of the deceased: Ercyl Vidrine, Charles Vidrine, Elsie Calvert Moon, Bernice Williams Harvey, S.T. Reed, Steve Adams, Kermit Adams, and Azilee Adams—Alabama;

Joe Nall, Inez Hilton, and Augusta Reeves—Florida; Johnny Lee, B.M. Smith, and Earlis McGraw—Georgia; Francis Bliss—Massachusetts; Wolfgang Millbrandt—New Hampshire; Pauline Oliveros—California; Tony Conrad—New York; Ruth Redman—Texas. He led 30b. Stanley Smith led 224 for Hubert Barfield. Kevin Eddins closed the memorial service with prayer.

Leaders: Ewan Eddins 53; Pat Morse 38t; Oscar McGuire 444t; Edith Eddins 133; Robert Chambless 508; Tammy Heinsohn 31b; Richard Mauldin 196; Vivian Rogan 463; David Brodeur 172; Karen Noren 108t; Adam Brasich 106; Evie Eddins 378t; Jonathan Surrency 132; Sue Bunch 504t; Hubert Nall 572. Chris Noren led 369, and the class was dismissed for lunch.


The afternoon session was called to order by Ryan Bowman and Aubrey Barfield leading 96. Leaders: Ezra Eddins 77t; Nate Green and Norma Green 443; Bill Hogan 494; Morgan Bunch 520; Eric Eddins 184t; Nicole Bowman 451; Eli Eddins 159; Jewell Rowland 358; Patrick McKenzie 587; Kevin Eddins 210; Louise Roberson 120; Shannan McKenzie163t; Tommie Spurlock 63; Aubrey Barfield and visitors 594.


Wynette Smith led 36b to bring the class together. Leaders: Bill Hogan 569; Robert Stoddard 269; Gary Rogan 397; Michele Cull 500; Darrell Swarens and Brenda 49b; Nancy Van Den Akker 145t; Eddie Mash 450; Vivian Rogan 331t; Andy Ditzler and David Brodeur 222; Tammy Heinsohn 497; Chris Nicholson 290; Elizabeth Stoddard 150; Hans Guttman 563; Nate Green and Norma Green 418; the Eddins family 122.

Tommie Spurlock gave the financial report, and announced that sufficient funds were collected to cover expenses. The officers for next year were announced as follows: Chairman—Wynette Smith; 1st Vice Chairman—Ryan Bowman; 2nd Vice Chairman—Kevin Eddins. An expression of thanks was given to everyone for their contribution to help make this singing a success.

Wynette Smith, Ryan Bowman, and Kevin Eddins led 146 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Stanley Smith, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Chris Noren; Vice Chairman—Wynette Smith; Secretary—Aubrey Barfield