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Lehigh Valley Singing (Shenandoah Harmony)

Unitarian Universalist Church of the Lehigh Valley,
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Saturday, December 3, 2016

The fourth annual Lehigh Valley All-Day Singing was held on the first Saturday in December at the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Lehigh Valley. All song selections were from the Shenandoah Harmony.

Rachel Hall called the class to order leading 1b. Don Jantzi offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Daniel Hunter 19; Theresa Rodriguez 28t; Nancy Tkacs 12b; Dann Pell 22b; Katy Hunter 63; Linda Baysore 161; Greg Vallette 162; Miriam Delerium and Ina Shea 381; Doron Henkin 420t; Krista Guerrieri 113; Bethany Towne 152; Ruth Wampler 364t; Leon Pulsinelle 306; Joel Bassett 81.


Nathan Berry called the class to order leading 131. Leaders: Ben Cocchiaro 89b; Sam Kleinman 241t; Ina Shea 278; Francesca Farrisi 200; Ted Stokes 78; Dean Jens 186; Julia Seidenstein 320; Guy Bankes 76t; Chris Cotter 86; Abigail Beavin 284; Jim Strube 430; Solon Gordon 373; Carol Huang 96t; Jason Steidl 408t; Rachel Speer 143; Ben Sachs-Hamilton 408b.


Leaders: Kelly Macklin 378t; Sasha Hsuczyk 264t; Corinne Ducey 321t; Thomas Ward 5t; Robin Betz 287; Mary Helen Dupree 191; Patrick Friesen 96b; Thom Metzger 180; Joanne Fuller 146; Graham DeZarn 137; Nora Miller 220; Ben Shirley 411; Ben Hartland 422; Kathy Manning 242; Myles Louis Dakan 399; Leyland delRe 402; Eileen Metzger 57; John delRe 178; Nathan Berry 452; Nancy Mandel 103. Dann Pell offered the noon blessing.


Joel Bassett called the class to order leading 112. Leaders: Kelly Macklin 294; Jan Ketelle 382; Ted Mercer 364b; Barb Patterson 426; Jerry Gripshover 140b; Dick Patterson 282; Erica Detemmerman 132; John Seaton 335; Graham DeZarn 83t; Sonia Chin 292; Thom Metzger 79; Nathan Berry 2; Joanne Fuller 116; Patrick Friesen 53; Eileen Metzger 232; Sam Kleinman 254; Chris Cotter 136; Rachel Hall 326t; Mary Skidmore 297; Clare Chapin 80; Gerald Clark 114.


Katy Hunter called the class to order leading 348t. Leaders: John delRe 432t; Ted Mercer 236t; Jesse Krikorian 416; Barb Patterson 245; Jan Ketelle 168; Leyland delRe 169; Jerry Gripshover 140t; Carol Huang 15; Julia Seidenstein 363; John Seaton 236b; Abigail Beavin 182; Dick Patterson 222; Erica Detemmerman 246b; Ben Hartland 187.

Announcements were made. Rachel Hall, Jesse Krikorian, Joel Bassett, and Daniel Hunter led 404t as the closing song. Ruth Wampler dismissed the class with a prayer.

Chairperson—Rachel Hall; Secretaries—Theresa Rodriguez and Joel Bassett