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Sheffield Alternative Sources Singing

Worrall Memorial Hall, Worrall, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Sunday, October 9, 2016

The annual Alternative Sources singing was called to order by Eimear O’Donovan leading 61t (CH). Ted Brown offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Vicki Elliott 113 (CH); Sarah West 548 (CH); Matthew Parkinson 541 (CH); Kate Kirwan 265 (CH); Faiz Wareh 507t (CH); Mark Wardlaw 66b (CH); Teresa Maguire 346 (CH); Tarik Wareh 203 (CH); Steve Brett 245 (CH); Pattie Wareh 109 (CH); Barry Parsons 316 (CH); Cora Wareh 248 (CH); Michael Walker 262 (CH); Helen Brown 123 (CH); Kate Kirwan 355 (CH); Mark Wardlaw 275 (CH); Sarah West 354 (CH).


Vicki Elliott called the class to order leading 281b (CH). Leaders: Matthew Parkinson 77 (CH); Teresa Maguire 64 (CH); Faiz Wareh 172 (CH); Eimear O’Donovan 54 (CH); Barry Parsons 449 (CH); Amanda Elliott 49 (CH); Ella Cumber 318 (CH); Tarik Wareh 209 (CH); Steve Brett 198 (CH); Cora Wareh 296 (CH); Michael Walker 168b (CH), 455b (CH); Sam Carter 166 (CH); Helen Brown 184 (CH); Mark Wardlaw 53 (CH); Ella Cumber 42 (CH). Michael Walker offered the blessing for the midday meal.


The afternoon session was called to order by Barry Parsons 11 (ShH). Leaders: Kate Kirwan 242 (ShH); Benny Ross 53 (ShH); Faiz Wareh 235 (ShH); Sarah West 254 (ShH); Mark Wardlaw 109 (ShH); Lin James 413b (ShH); Sam Carter 404t (ShH); Cora Wareh 66 (ShH); Matthew Parkinson 429 (ShH); Pattie Wareh 140b (ShH); Steve Brett 124 (ShH); Eimear O’Donovan 200 (ShH); Tarik Wareh 305 (ShH); Vicki Elliott 216 (ShH); Benny Ross 287 (ShH); Sam Carter 264b (ShH); Lin James 153 (ShH); Barry Parsons 121 (ShH); Mark Wardlaw 12b (ShH); Eimear O’Donovan 246b (ShH).


Sarah West called the class to order leading 60b (ShH). Leaders: Kate Kirwan 422 (ShH); Faiz Wareh 266 (ShH); Matthew Parkinson 174 (ShH); Pattie Wareh 221 (ShH); Steve Brett “Forest Hill” (original composition); Cora Wareh 105 (ShH); Benny Ross 414 (ShH); Vicki Elliott 198 (ShH); Tarik Wareh 403 (ShH); Lin James 5t (ShH); Sam Carter 363 (ShH); Barry Parsons 368 (ShH).

Eimear O’Donovan led 22b (ShH) as the closing song. Pattie Wareh offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Eimear O’Donovan; Secretary—Bob Butler