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Southwest Texas Sacred Harp Convention,
Spring Session (Cooper Revision)

Bethel Primitive Baptist Church, McMahan, Texas

May 28-29, 2016

Saturday, May 28

The Southwest Texas Sacred Harp Convention, Spring Session, was called to order by Vivian Rogan leading 148. After prayer offered by Elder Sonny Huckaby, she welcomed the singers and listeners, and then led 331t.

Leaders: Janie Short 336t; Bruce Coates and Beverly Coates 171; Sonny Huckaby 450; Brody Ross 78; Jeb Owen 418; Addison Bowles 573; Silas Huckaby 383; Troxel Ballou 268t; Lauren Owen 159; Findley Ross 146; Abigail Huckaby and Sarah Huckaby 235; Zack Rogan 225t; Eli Hinton 99; Chelsea Miller 277; Ainsley Ross 142; Owen Ross 230; Jackson Owen 207t; Riley Owen 299; Vickie Cook 293b; Morris Nelms 563; Stephanie Argo and Ben Copenhaver 393; Reed Coates 442t.

A business meeting was held at this time. Since Vice Chairwoman Janie Short will become Chairwoman after lunch, Vivian Rogan called for nominations for Vice Chairman. Scott Curran was nominated and elected by acclamation. Bruce Coates and Beverly Coates were nominated as Secretaries and Arranging Committee, and elected by acclamation. The Chairwoman appointed Scott Curran, Rick Foreman, and Cheryl Foreman to serve on the Memorial Committee. The business meeting was closed.


Janie Short opened this session by leading 128. Leaders: Liz Owen 95b; Carter Cook 168; Philippa Stoddard 192; Jeff Begley 378b; Jen Rymut 567; Rick Cunningham 514; Anne Weaver 122; Chris Noren 486; Cassie Allen 552; Ana Tighe 200; Erik Schwab 466; Syble Adams and Jeff Adcock 465, 108t; Rick Foreman and Cheryl Foreman 269; Kevin Barrans 507t; Marilyn Murata 392; Alvaro Witt Duarte 182; Nancy Price 511t; Paul Wyatt 499; Elizabeth Stoddard 150; Louis Hughes 444t; Judy Whiting 72; Guy Bankes 391; Karen Rollins 220 (for Earlis McGraw); Chris Brown 183; Lori Rodgers 36b; Rodney Ivey 98. Mike Hinton offered the blessing for the food.


Janie Short led 508 to begin the afternoon session. Leaders: Linda Booker 505; Henry Schuman and Linda Hellerich 96; Scott McCown 558; Laura Densmore 191; Robert Stoddard 199; Matt Hinton 470; Amy Peveto 559; John Berendzen 100; Diane Ross 300; William Price 515; Linda Thomas 541 (for Johnny and Dolorese Lee); Sonny Erwin 569; Reba Windom 572; Kris Wiggins 30b; Mike Hinton 478; Earl Ballinger 421; Priscilla Wiggins 485; Ryan Ross and Findley Ross 112; Bill Bailey 121; Donald Ross and Cassie Allen 419.


Scott Curran brought the class together by leading 155. Leaders: Kristie Powell 47b; Leon Ballinger 120; Tammy Powell 222; Alex Hawk 240; Catherine Rogan 384; Gaylon Powell 149; Greg Bowles 553; Michele Curran 172; Martha Aiken and Joy Simon 500; Amanda Bowles 367; John Baker 40; Chris Brown 113; Judy Whiting 176t.

Janie Short led 45t as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Gaylon Powell.

Sunday, May 29

The Sunday session of the Southwest Texas Sacred Harp Convention, Spring Session, was brought to order by Janie Short leading 484 and 276. The opening prayer was offered by Leon Ballinger.

Leaders: Scott Curran 422b; Bruce Coates and Beverly Coates 31b; Gary Rogan 558; Tom Owen 68b; Eli Hinton 65; Amy Peveto 571; Brody Ross 145t; Kristie Powell 273; Addison Bowles 159; Leon Ballinger 507b; Riley Owen 47b; Cheryl Foreman 53; Silas Huckaby 203; Priscilla Wiggins 230; Jackson Owen 59; Diane Ross 132; Findley Ross 49t; Reba Windom 505; Lauren Owen 40; Louis Hughes 528b; Ainsley Ross 183; Rodney Ivey and Silas Huckaby 464.


Janie Short brought the class back together by leading 85. Leaders: Olivia Powell 106; Philippa Stoddard 482; Kevin Powell 138t; Ana Tighe 99; Ryan Ross and Findley Ross 137; Jane Goforth 95t; Jeff Adcock and Syble Adams 543; Syble Adams, Tom Owen, Lauren Owen, and Addison Bowles 367; Carter Cook 217; Cheyenne Ivey and Rodney Ivey 133.

Rick Foreman described the purpose of the memorial lesson. Cheryl Foreman read the following list of names of the sick and homebound: Jeannette DePoy, Larry Wootten, Claudene Townson, Dolorese Lee, Johnny Lee, Jewel Wootten, S.T. Reed, Karen Turner, Ruth Steggles, Ian West, Cath Tyler, Earlis McGraw, Janelle Davis, Curtis Owen, Edith Owen, Myrl Jones, Elaine Zidek, Howard Aiken, Gayle Cowart, Norma Green, Elsie Moon, Susan Harcrow, Eloise Wootten, Shisue Sugimoto, John Fruin, Jeri Segal, and Jimmy Foreman. She led 264b.

Rick Foreman read the following list of names of the deceased: Jerry Wright, Elder Bill Walden, Harold Hill, H.P. O’Mary, Thomas Robinson, and Jacque Bass—Texas; Oliver Kindig-Stokes and Betty Hanf—Pennsylvania; Francis Bliss—Maine; Ian Whiting and Mary Newell—United Kingdom; Eileen McDougall—France; Kathleen Doss Traywick—Alabama; Fran Ross—Oregon; James Allison Ridley and Paula Urteaga—Tennessee; Charlie Derleth—Missouri; Burdie Cortes, Oscar Marin, Jim Sanchez, Zana Mokricki, Tom Fagan, Elle Ard, Hilde Ward, and Ron Hess—California; Donald Klein and John Schaffer—Colorado; David Strother—Maryland and Maine; Wilton “Roy” Wyatt—Alabama and Minnesota. Scott Curran emphasized the circle of influence one singer can make in the lives of others, and the ripple effect of that influence among the Sacred Harp community. Rick Foreman read Philippians 4:7-8. Scott Curran led 591 in memory of the deceased. The memorial lesson was closed with prayer offered by Jeff Adcock.

Leaders: Robert Stoddard 546; Chris Brown 514; Cassie Allen 355; Henry Schuman 229; Laura Densmore 311; Matt Hinton 38t; Marilyn Murata 218. The blessing for the food was offered by Gary Rogan.


The afternoon session began with Scott Curran leading 32t. Leaders: Bill Bailey 416b; John Berendzen 524; Karen Rollins, Matt Hinton, and Rodney Ivey 365; Paul Wyatt 520; Nancy Price and Kevin Barrans 590; Guy Bankes 504t; Elizabeth Stoddard and Linda Lutter 215; Kevin Barrans 210; William Price 81; Judy Whiting 268b; Jeff Begley 184b; Alvaro Witt Duarte 214; Vickie Cook 508; Erik Schwab 375; Chris Noren 55; Earl Ballinger 356; Kris Wiggins 58; Sonny Erwin 430; Ben Copenhaver 592; Donald Ross 378t; Tammy Powell 216; Mike Hinton 544; Linda Booker 39; Gaylon Powell 434; Greg Bowles and Amanda Bowles 68t; Jeb Owen and Liz Owen 96; John Baker, Martha Aiken, and Joy Simon 463; Sarah Huckaby and Michele Curran 198; Vivian Rogan and Catherine Rogan 559; Sonny Huckaby 395b.

Announcements were made. Janie Short and the other officers led “Blissful Hope”, (page 6 in the Good Old Songs) as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Elder Sonny Huckaby.

Chairwoman—Janie Short; Vice Chairman—Scott Curran; Secretaries—Bruce Coates and Beverly Coates