Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Mount Pisgah Singing Society (Cooper Book)

Mount Pisgah Primitive Baptist Church,
Stroud, Chambers County, Alabama

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The annual all-day session of the Mount Pisgah Singing Society (organized in 1903) met at Mount Pisgah Primitive Baptist Church on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in May, and was called to order by Karen Clark at 9:00 a.m. leading 70t. The morning prayer was offered by Henry Johnson.

Don Clark welcomed everyone, and then recognized the following officers of the singing: President—Karen Clark; 1st Vice President—David Lee; 2nd Vice President—Eli Eddins; Secretary—Donna Bell; Arranging Committee—Don Clark and Laura Densmore.

Leaders: David Lee 187; Eli Eddins 507b; Donna Bell 274t; Laura Densmore 30t; Don Clark 186; Helen Bryson 222; Edith Eddins 76t; Louis Hughes 225t; Judy Chambless 132; Larry Shaw 505; Frank Strickland 145b; Robert Chambless 163b; Elam Eddins 383; Tommie Spurlock 183; David Brodeur 151; Wayne Jones 395b; Henry Johnson 504t; Eric Eddins 210; Andy Ditzler 268b; Stanley Smith 156; Marion Patrick 358 (by request); Isaac Green 282; Paul Wyatt 125; Kevin Eddins 121; Emily Eddins 477; Brenda Dunlap 508.


The second session of singing began with Eli Eddins leading 288. Leaders: Buell Cobb 45b; Ezra Eddins 77t; Alice Bejnar 520; Richard DeLong 98; Oscar McGuire 276; Jonathan Blakeley 133; Charlotte Bishop 229; Ewan Eddins 40; Lloyd Jones and Loretta Jones 571; Eli Hinton 99; Linda Fagan and Carol Buche 587; Evie Eddins 499; Hubert Nall 264t; John Plunkett 242; Matt Hinton 27; Eli Eddins 50t; Ryan Bowman 189; Stanley Smith 369. Elder Jonathan Blakeley offered the blessing before the noon meal at the tables.


The afternoon session of singing was called to order by David Lee leading 96. Leaders: Andy Morse 416t; McKenzie Flynn and daughter, Lilah Kate 559; Ann Riley Gray 464; Michael Walker 522; Dana Eddins 31t; Shane Brown 48t; Syble Adams 47b; Doug Donley 424; Nicole Bowman 331b; Isabelle Green 270; Carol Buche 488; Ann Tighe 112; Sharon Whitehead 143; Eric Schwab 581; Judy Mincey 494 (in memory of Lee Rogers); Don Clark, Karen Clark, and Evie Eddins 514; Don Clark 398b; Laura Densmore and Tommie Spurlock 574; Henry Johnson 77b; Andy Ditzler 309; Kathe Pilibosian and Chris Holley 567; Paul Wyatt 269; Eric Schwab 339; Beverly Dayton 543; Brenda Dunlap 122; Ellen Gwen 76b; the Eddins family 146.

Don Clark recognized Rev. and Mrs. Wayne Barrett in attendance at today’s singing. Mr. Barrett is the great, great, grandson of Benjamin Lloyd. Benjamin Lloyd was a Chambers County Primitive Baptist elder. In 1841, Benjamin Lloyd compiled Lloyd’s Primitive Hymns (also known as Lloyd’s Hymnal), a collection of hymns to be sung a cappella, with songs penned by John Newton, Charles Wesley, Isaac Watts, and other notable composers. These old hymns have been passed down from one generation to the next as oral tradition. The hymnals are still being used at Mount Pisgah, as well as many other Primitive Baptist Churches today.

Following announcements, Karen Clark led 484 (by request). Doug Donley offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

President—Karen Clark; 1st Vice President—David Lee; 2nd Vice President—Eli Eddins; Secretary—Donna Bell