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Smith Memorial Sacred Harp Singing

New Harmony Community Center, New Harmony, Texas

Saturday, March 12, 2016

The 37th annual Smith Memorial Singing met on Saturday before the second Sunday in March, at the New Harmony Community Center. Due to heavy rains in the affected the area, we started singing a little late. The singing used both the Denson and Cooper revisions of The Sacred Harp.

Crystal Meadows led 34b to bring the class to order. David Jones offered the opening prayer.

Secretary Tammy Powell was not able at attend; Gaylon Powell was appointed to serve in her place.

Leaders: Crystal Meadows 47t; Gaylon Powell 505 (CB), 268t (CB); David Jones 135, 471; Robert Vaughn 64 (CB), 335 (CB); Rick Foreman 63 (CB), 273 (CB); Kristie Powell 292 (CB), 497 (CB); Sue Utz 475 (CB), 59t (CB); Charity Vaughn 514 (CB), 113 (CB).

Chairman Rick Foreman appointed the following committee members: Memorial Committee—Robert Vaughn and Priscilla Wiggins; Nominating Committee—Kris Wiggins.


Rick Foreman called the class to order leading 82 (CB). Leaders: Curtis Jones 285t (CB), 507b (CB); Priscilla Wiggins 472, 344.

A memorial lesson was held at this time. Robert Vaughn read the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Tammy Powell, Ruth Redmon, Leo Stanley, Mary Stanley, Curtis Owen, Edith Owen, Adelaide Vaughn, Marcelene Hardy, Azalee Barnett, and Margaret Rounsavall. He then led 496t (CB) for them.

Priscilla Wiggins read the following list of names of the deceased: Charles Major Smith, Loraine Bayer, and H.P. O’Mary. She led 343 (CB) in their memory. The memorial service was closed with prayer offered by David Jones.

Leaders: Cheryl Foreman 486 (CB), 511t (CB); Myrl Jones 142 (CB), 300 (CB), 491 (CB). Chaplin David Jones asked the blessing before the noon meal.


Rick Foreman began the afternoon session by leading 31b. Leaders: Kris Wiggins 186, 338; Crystal Meadows 558 (CB), 559 (CB); Gaylon Powell 299, 200; David Jones 463 (CB), 72 (CB); Robert Vaughn 469 (CB), 549 (CB); Kristie Powell 47b (CB), 203 (CB); Sue Utz 492 (CB), 406 (CB); Priscilla Wiggins 365 (CB), 31t (CB); Curtis Jones 128 (CB), 45t (CB).


Rick Foreman led 30t (CB). Announcements were made. Leaders: Charity Vaughn 129 (CB), 212 (CB); Cheryl Foreman 133 (CB), 140 (CB); Kris Wiggins 132 (CB), 58 (CB); Gaylon Powell 401 (CB) (by request).

The report from the Nominating Committee for officers for 2017 was presented as follows: Chairman—Crystal Meadows; Vice Chairman—Kristie Powell; Secretary—Tammy Powell; Treasurer—Barbara Smith; Chaplain—David Jones,. The report was accepted and approved.

Rick Foreman led 95b (CB) as the closing song. David Jones offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Rick Foreman; Vice Chairman—Crystal Meadows; Secretary pro-tem—Gaylon Powell