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University of Georgia Singing

State Botanical Garden of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

Sunday, February 28, 2016

The annual meeting of the University of Georgia Singing was held among hundreds of orchid blossoms in the Conservatory Great Room of the State Botanical Garden in Athens, Georgia, on the fourth Sunday in February. This singing is the only annual singing that uses The Social Harp, first published in 1855.

John Hollingsworth opened the session by leading 191 (ScH). Bill Hollingsworth offered the opening prayer.

A business session was held and the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—John Hollingsworth; Vice Chairman—Michael Spencer; Secretary—Shannon Primm; Arranging Officer—Judy Mincey.

Leaders: Michael Spencer 228 (ScH); Shannon Primm 61b (ScH); Judy Mincey 182 (ScH); Lauren Bock 155 (ScH); Margie Dietz 66 (ScH); Robert Kelley 218t (ScH); Lisa Bennett 200 (ScH); Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 82 (ScH); Abigail Beavin 103 (ScH); David Smead 250 (ScH); Jane Spencer 53 (ScH); Charles Woods 159 (ScH); Richard DeLong 60 (ScH); Bill Hollingsworth 52b (ScH); Chris Wilhelm 21 (ScH); Michael Spencer 87 (ScH); Shannon Primm 135 (ScH); Judy Mincey 134 (ScH); Lauren Bock and Jim Neal 86 (ScH); Margie Dietz 237 (ScH); Robert Kelley 50 (ScH); Oscar McGuire 34 (ScH); John Plunkett 33b (ScH); Lisa Bennett 105 (ScH); Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 31 (ScH).


Jane Spencer called the class back together by leading 140 (ScH). Leaders: Abigail Beavin 29 (ScH); David Smead 62 (ScH); Bill Hollingsworth 52t (ScH); Charles Woods 100 (ScH); Chris Wilhelm 81 (ScH); Richard DeLong 137 (ScH); Oscar McGuire 111 (ScH); John Plunkett 141 (ScH); Karen Redwine 74 (ScH), 93 (ScH); Michael Spencer 253 (ScH); Shannon Primm 51 (ScH); Judy Mincey 71 (ScH); Margie Dietz 156 (ScH); Lisa Bennett 163 (ScH); Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 44 (ScH).


Following a bountiful lunch, the class sang from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition. Jane Spencer opened the session by leading 441. Leaders: Abigail Beavin 92; David Smead 421; Bill Hollingsworth 180; Charles Woods 440; Chris Wilhelm 350; Richard DeLong 168; Oscar McGuire 485; John Plunkett 311; Karen Redwine 569b; Jim Neal 339; Daron Douglas and Morgan Powell 162; Kevin Kelley 159; Christy Sinksen 448t; Lauren Bock 332; Robert Kelley 460; Shannon Primm 284; Michael Spencer 308; Judy Mincey 50b (for the memorial lesson); Margie Dietz 141; Lisa Bennett 340 (for her mother, and all singers who are ill); Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 360; Winston Stephens 503; Jane Spencer 328; Joanna Smolko 229; Abigail Beavin 100; David Smead 121; Bill Hollingsworth 365; Chris Wilhelm 286.

Following announcements, Michael Spencer led 521 as the closing song. Bill Hollingsworth offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—John Hollingsworth; Vice Chairman—Michael Spencer; Secretary—Shannon Primm