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Willard Birthday Singing (Cooper Book)

Buckley Hall, Buckley, Washington

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The 6th annual Willard Birthday Singing held on the third Sunday in August, using the Cooper Book and a Hymnary of Willard family favorites, was called to order by Karen Willard and Kathy Vlach leading “How Cheering Is The Christian’s Hope”. Destiny Woods offered the opening prayer.

The singing was organized with the following officers: Chairperson—Karen Willard; Assistant Chairperson—Kathy Vlach; Secretary—David Wright; Treasurer—Nancy Price; Arranging Committee—Jinx McGuire and Kathy Vlach.

Leaders: Kathy Vlach “Tallis’ Canon”; Destiny Woods 440b; Karen Willard “Jewels”; David Wright 573; Ana Tighe “Homeward Bound”; William Price “Abide With Me”; Kate Coxon 36b; Jerry Schreiber 478; Carol Selleck 38t; Kramer Klein 174; Anna Stoerch “Sweet Hour of Prayer”; Erik Schwab “When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder”; Lucinda Saue “The Lord Bless You and Keep You”; Bob Schinske “Seeking the Lost”; Darlene Simpson-Brown 581; Kevin Barrans 479; Linda Selph 336t.


Karen Willard called the class back to order leading “Revive Us Again”.

Leaders: Jinx McGuire 30t; John David Thacker 122; Kate Fine 369; Thom Fahrbach 404; Nancy Price 516; Eric Holt 411. The class sang happy birthday wishes for all singers with August birthdays.


Laura McMurray called the class to order leading 68t. Leaders: John Wiens 45b; Cornelia Stanton and Carol Selleck 96; Kevin Beirne 474; Marilyn Murata 484; Steve Helwig 115; Greg Saue 515; Steve Cackley 517; Wing Mui 155; Clarissa Fetrow 222; David Wright 506; Jen Rymut 298; Kramer Klein 300; Anna Stoerch 364; Erik Schwab “Sine Nomine”; Kate Coxon 464; Destiny Woods 587. Destiny Woods asked the blessing on the noon meal.


Kathy Vlach began the afternoon session leading 31b. Leaders: Carol Selleck 283; Nancy Price 571; Bob Schinske “Where We’ll Never Grow Old”; Lucinda Saue 393; Eric Holt 341; Melissa Stephenson 408; Kevin Barrans 399; Ana Tighe 505; Darlene Simpson-Brown 206; John David Thacker 99; Anne Huckins 98; John Wiens 361; Laura McMurray 376; Jerry Schreiber 235; Jinx McGuire 486; William Price 451.


Karen Willard brought the class back together by leading “At the Cross”. Leaders: Steve Helwig 514; Linda Selph 215; Thom Fahrbach 133; Cornelia Stanton 573; Kevin Beirne 192; Marilyn Murata 200; Steve Cackley 550; Clarissa Fetrow 380t; Greg Saue 507b; Kate Fine 584; Wing Mui 69.

Following announcements, Karen Willard and Kathy Vlach led “God Be with You”. Destiny Woods dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairperson—Karen Willard; Secretary—David Wright