Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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The Big Singing

Old Marshall County Courthouse, Benton, Kentucky

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The morning session of the 132nd annual Big Singing using The Southern Harmony, compiled by William Walker, was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Gene Gilliland, who also offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: William Paris 103; Randy Webber 322; Gene Gilliland 89b; Erin Fulton 308; Tom Waggener 10b; Kerry Lovett 144; Don Waggener 39t; Marcy Thobaben 16; Tim Reynolds 3t; David Carlton 256; Trent Hollinger 11; Matt Meacham 166; Randy Webber 101; James Thobaben and Marcy Thobaben 46; Tim Reynolds 283; Gene Gilliland 8t; Erin Fulton 31t; Janelle Davis 38; Kerry Lovett 159b; Don Waggener 322; Marcy Thobaben and Carla Kenyon 299; David Carlton 194; Matt Meacham 312t; Janelle Davis 107; Randy Webber 265; Vicki See and Billy See 276b; Tim Reynolds 325; Gene Gilliland 83; Erin Fulton 50; Don Waggener and Kerry Lovett 51. William Paris closed the morning session with prayer.


The afternoon session was called to order at 1:15 p.m. by Sheriff Kevin Byars, who made welcoming remarks. Gene Gilliland provided a brief introduction to Southern Harmony singing notation.

Leaders: Gary Clark 103, 51; Gene Gilliland 71, 8t; Kerry Lovett 64, 332; Amanda Groves 89b, 252; William Paris 133, 80.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Tom Waggener, who led 322 for Dixie McGregor of Illinois, Francine Longcor of St. Louis, Missouri, Terry Horttner of Huntsville, Alabama, and Henry Cobb of Nashville, Tennessee.

Leaders: Mark Cain 11, 299; Randy Webber 164, 282; Matt Meacham 296, 213; Don Waggener 83, 200; Tom Waggener 116, 189; Nate Zweig 4b, 24t; Robert Chandler 292; Erin Fulton 25b; William Paris and Erin Fulton demonstrated William Walker’s method of setting tempo with a plumb bob and knotted string; William Paris 210; Trent Hollinger 5b; David Carlton 310.

Gene Gilliland led 334 as the closing song. Gary Clark dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Gene Gilliland; Vice Chairman—Ralph Paris; Secretary—Tim Reynolds