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Southwest Texas Sacred Harp Convention,
Spring Session (Cooper Revision)

McMahan, Texas

March 28-29, 2015

Saturday, March 28

The spring session of the Southwest Texas Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held at Bethel Primitive Baptist Church, McMahan, Texas. The class was brought to order by Billy Huckaby extending a welcome to all and leading 553. After prayer, offered by Elder Jeb Owen, the chairman led 168.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Billy Huckaby; Vice Chairwoman—Vivian Rogan; Arranging Committee and Secretaries—Bruce Coates and Beverly Coates.

Leaders: Vivian Rogan 49t; Bruce Coates and Beverly Coates 171; Tom Owen 179; Janie Short 192; Troxel Ballou 536; Kristie Powell 132; Owen Ross 361; Riley Owen 32t; Priscilla Wiggins 567; Kara Beth Addison 58; Robert Vaughn 108b; Cornelia Stanton 410; Luke Addison 29t; Kathy Manning 485; Baron Powers 239; Cheryl Foreman 269; William Price 29b; Diane Ross 300; Alvaro Duarte 268t; Ainsley Ross 540; David McPherson 500.


Billy Huckaby opened the next session by leading 30b. A business session was held, and Vice Chairwoman Vivian Rogan ascended to the chairmanship. Janie Short was nominated as Vice Chairwoman, and elected by acclamation. Bruce Coates and Beverly Coates were then nominated for secretaries/arranging committee, and were elected by acclamation. The business session was closed.

Leaders: Kyle Hearn 68t; Tamara Harris 591; Pete Mathewson 488; Chelsea Miller 38b; Carter Cook 142; Marilyn Murata 392; Ainslie Allen 196; Eleanor Haase 272; Michael Walker 45b; Stephanie Argo 210; Chris Brown 504t; Jenny Willard 511t; Steve Helwig 541; Syble Adams, Jeb Owen, Jeff Adcock 138t; Ian Quinn 138b; Nancy Price 299; Stanley Smith 133; Lori Rodgers 47t; Jon Giles 507b; Kate Fine 584; Larry Ballinger 151; Judy Whiting 176t; Robert Stoddard 98; Lindsey Kruse 475. The blessing for the food was offered by Donald Ross.


Vivian Rogan opened the afternoon session leading 101t. Leaders: Linnea Sablosky 106; Donald Ross 373; Pat Callahan 524; Chris Adams 288; Carol Huang 277; Jesse Latimer 39; Lindy Groening 416t; Justin Latimer 384; Ines Luttgen 315; Scott McCown 99; Alison Brown 508; Jordan Lewis 89; Eva Striebeck 592; Aldo Ceresa 422t; Martha Beverly 140; Silas Huckaby 53; Elizabeth Stoddard 150; Laura Densmore 482; Ryan Bowman 486; Bill Beverly 41; Cassie Allen 242.


Janie Short called the class to order. Leaders: Chris Noren 573; Keith Willard 505; Chris Nicholson 293b; Olivia Powell 235; Jacob McClain 31t; Katie Mahoney 515; Kris Wiggins 189; Josh Rogan 186; Sonny Erwin 569; Josh McClain 444t; Ryan Ross 137; Ben Copenhaver 184t; Tim McClain 146; Mike Hinton 400; Ryan Young 38t.

Vivian Rogan led 54t as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Elder Sonny Huckaby.

Sunday, March 29

The Sunday session of the Southwest Texas Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order by Vivian Rogan leading 68b. The opening prayer was offered by Tom Owen. Vivian Rogan led 282.

Leaders: Janie Short 449; Leon Ballinger 280; Scott Curran and Michele Curran 203; Ainsley Ross 339; Rick Foreman 27; Eva Striebeck 42; Stanley Smith 497; Alison Brown 77t; Ryan Bowman 435; Rebecca Blumenthal 331b; Riley Owen 40; Judy Whiting 95b; Silas Huckaby 300; Elizabeth Stoddard 423; Aldo Ceresa 183; Lindy Groening 516; Jackson Owen 101t; Ryan Ross 106; Carol Huang 96; Chris Brown 30t; Kathy Manning 279; Alvaro Duarte 442t; Eleanor Haase 270; Luke Addison 32b.


Zach Rogan opened the second morning session leading 47b. Leaders: Crystal Meadows 553; Michael Walker 230; Ian Quinn 372; William Price 48b; Jenny Willard and Keith Willard 572; Jon Giles 563; Syble Adams and Jeff Adcock 543; Nancy Price 81; Jordan Lewis 179; Linnea Sablosky 163t.

Janie Short opened the memorial lesson with a quotation from the 150th Psalm. Cheryl Foreman read the following list of names of the sick and homebound: Tammi Ziola, David Strother, Toni Strother, Betty Mae Price, Skip Trout, Joan Trout, Serita Spadoni, Phil Manthey, Juanita Volpe, Jane Goforth, Jim Foreman, Gene Handley, Claudene Townson, Shisue Sugimoto, John Shaffer, Hilde Ward, and Doron Henkin. Cheryl led 450 in remembrance of those on this list.

Scott Curran read the following list of names of the deceased: Doris Hanks, Clifton Adams, Wayne Brumley, Sallie Foreman, Jolene Owen Crozier, and Casey Crawford—Texas; Dorothy Williams and Cyril Guy—United Kingdom; Kate Davis—Ireland; Wilton Leroy Wyatt—Minnesota; Raymond Hamrick, Joyce Harrison, Junie Wooten, and Josephine Denney—Georgia; Caroline Bonnet, Fume Murata, Joe Nishimura, Alfano Schittini, Clautille Louis, and Brenda Hansen—California; Leslie Phillips—Tennessee; Ruth Densmore, Eleanor Anderson, and Timothy Florravit—Pennsylvania; Joe Fothergill—Ohio; David Rust—Indiana; Bob Sullivan—Illinois; Jean Ballinger, Johnny Humber, Rena Humber, Sammie Oliver, Bill Aplin, Hobert Ivey, Stanly Edwards, Betty Wright, Phillip Wootten, Olivia Moore Allen, and Donna Durden—Alabama; Renee Windsor—Oregon; Brendon Egan—New York; Julia Reifel—Washington. Scott led 285t in memory of the deceased. The memorial lesson was closed with prayer offered by Rick Foreman.

Leaders: Robert Stoddard 552; Ines Luttgen 580; Larry Ballinger and Earl Ballinger 217; Kate Fine 346; Chris Noren 229; Pat Callahan 476; Martha Beverly 273; David McPherson 107; Cornelia Stanton 87; Bill Beverly 575. The prayer of thanks for the food was offered by Gaylon Powell.


The afternoon session began with Vivian Rogan leading 343. Leaders: Laura Densmore 29t; Marilyn Murata 200; Baron Powers 79; Tamara Harris and Aldo Ceresa 504b; Carter Cook 63; Tammy Powell 216; Pete Mathewson 484; Linda Booker 199; Burl Russell 164; Vickie Cook 335; Kris Wiggins 338; Chris Nicholson 264t; Liz Owen 408; Gaylon Powell 406; Sarah Huckaby 299; Addison Bowles and Lauren Owen 159; Gary Rogan 418; Amanda Bowles 99; Kevin Powell 331t; Catherine Rogan 198; Jeb Owen 514; Cheryl Foreman and Jeff Adcock 465; Ben Copenhaver 114b; Priscilla Wiggins 365; Mike Hinton 478; Sonny Erwin 430; Katie Mahoney 95t; Ryan Young 414.

Vivian Rogan thanked all who had attended the singing. Announcements were made. The officers, Vivian Rogan, Janie Short, Bruce Coates, and Beverly Coates led “Blissful Hope”. The closing prayer was offered by Elder Sonny Huckaby.

Chairwoman—Vivian Rogan; Vice Chairwoman—Janie Short; Secretaries—Bruce and Beverly Coates