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South Carolina State Singing
in Memory of William Walker

Second Presbyterian Church, Spartanburg, South Carolina

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The 21st session of the South Carolina State Singing in Memory of William Walker was held at the Second Presbyterian Church, Spartanburg, South Carolina, on Saturday before the third Sunday in March.

The first morning session included song selections from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition. Following a short singing school by Robert Kelley, Frances Carnell called the class to order by leading 323 (CH). Leon Carnell offered the opening prayer. Frances Carnell welcomed the singers and led 26b (CH). Leaders: Chris Wilhelm 325b (CH); Leon Carnell 257 (CH); Diane Eskenasy 51 (CH); Bill Burns 214 (CH); Dave Farmer 165 (CH); Mary Baumeister 440t (CH) (in memory of Beulah Freeman); Harry Eskew 159b (CH); Bobbi Albert 396t (CH); Lisa Bennett 206 (CH); David Smead 316 (CH); Leanne Carter 107 (CH).

In a business meeting, the following officers were elected for 2016: Chairman—Frances Carnell; Vice Chairman—Dave Farmer; Secretary—Mary Baumeister; Treasurer—Bobbi Albert.


The second morning session included selections from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition. Leaders: Frances Carnell 63; Robert Kelley 270; Shannon Primm 134; John Plunkett 312b; Mike Nichols 107; Frances Carnell 192; Chris Wilhelm 87; Leon Carnell 86; Diane Eskenasy 155; Bill Burns 40; Dave Farmer 473; Mary Baumeister 48t; Harry Eskew 35; Bobbi Albert 278t.


Leaders: Frances Carnell 171 (CH); Lisa Bennett 487 (CH); David Smead 146b (CH); David Libbey 172 (CH); Shannon Primm 164b (CH); Leanne Carter 255 (CH); Robert Kelley 207b (CH); John Plunkett 453t (CH); Mike Nichols 136 (CH); Chris Wilhelm 493b (CH); Leon Carnell 143 (CH); Diane Eskenasy 432b (CH); Dave Farmer 546b (CH); Mary Baumeister 436t (CH); Harry Eskew 537 (CH); Bobbi Albert 189 (CH).


Leaders: Frances Carnell 146; Lisa Bennett 130; David Smead 315; Leanne Carter 56b; Bobbi Albert 503; Nick Gattis 276; Frances Carnell 143; Chris Wilhelm 423; Diane Eskenasy 180; Dave Farmer 207; Mary Baumeister 77b; Leon Carnell 38b; Robert Kelley 410b; Mike Nichols 29t; Shannon Prim 65.

Announcements were made. Frances Carnell led 347 as the closing song. Leon Carnell offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Frances Carnell; Acting Vice Chairman—Dave Farmer; Acting Secretary—Mary Baumeister