Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Windmill Road / Quaker Meeting House, Cork, Ireland

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sixteen singers gathered for the first singing from the Fynn Harmony (First Edition), organized by the Sacred Harp Singers of Cork to celebrate the compositions of Fynn Titford-Mock. The class was brought to order by Fynn Titford-Mock leading “Neat” (major) and “Neat” (minor).

Leaders: Cath Saunt “Octagon Chapel”; Amanda Parkes “Elsworthy Road”; Fynn Titford-Mock “Lee”; Lisa O’Grady “Mousehold Heath”; Fynn Titford-Mock “Rumination”; Cath Saunt “Fahrbach”; Bryan Seale “Bradshaw”; Fynn Titford-Mock “Camden Palace”; Fynn Titford-Mock “Wordsley”; Cath Saunt “Ilzetzki”; Lisa O’Grady “Story”; Fynn Titford-Mock “Woods”; Lisa O’Grady “Nos Galan”; Lisa O’Grady “Easton”.


The class resumed singing in the Quaker Meeting House with Fynn Titford-Mock leading “Elation”. Leaders: Lisa O’Grady “Bensham”; Cath Saunt “Opal Creek”; Fynn Titford-Mock “The Heart In Tune”; Fynn Titford-Mock “Becket”; Fynn Titford-Mock “Low Walker”; Sadhbh O’Flynn “Crane Lane”; Cath Saunt “Neat (major)”; Sadhbh O’Flynn “Rhydithon”; Bryan Seale “Macarte”; Cath Saunt “Fahrbach”.


Cath Saunt brought the class back to order by leading “Heath Street”.

Leaders: Lisa O’Grady “Bremen”; Bryan Seale “Take Salvation”; Bryan Seale “Haworth”; Cath Saunt “Beacon Rock”; Cath Saunt “Dowland”; Cath Saunt “Declaration”; Fynn Titford-Mock “Malala”; Lisa O’Grady “Hauxley”; Fynn Titford-Mock “Wordsley”; Fynn Titford-Mock “Gratitude”; Cath Saunt “Cecelia”; Cath Saunt “Delmenhorst”; Cath Saunt “Generosity”; Cath Saunt “Laurel Hill”; Niamh O’Sullivan “Sarahville”; Cath Saunt “Iverley Edge”.

Secretary—Kevin Kennedy