Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Kelly Day Memorial Cooper Book Singing

Carroll County 4-H Community Building, Flora, Indiana

Saturday, November 29, 2014

The 7th annual session of the Kelly Day Memorial Cooper Book Singing was called to order by Brad Bahler and John Bahler leading 575. Johnny Lee offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed: Chairman—Brad Bahler; Vice Chairman—John Bahler; Secretary—Robert Bahler.

Leaders: John Bahler 448; David Bahler 572; Samuel Sommers 55; Darrell Swarens 505; Susan Holsinger 563; Rob Bahler 131t; Jim Helke 41; Jeff Begley and Dianne Begley 176b; Johnny Lee 95b; Jan May 38t; Ray Rechenberg 344; Ginny Landgraf 494; Holly Hauck and Dominic Austin 511t.


Brad Bahler called the class back together by leading 546. Leaders: Roger Crabtree 543; Rochelle Lodder 508; Reuben Beery 199; Karen Bahler 478; John Bahler 567; David Bahler 559; Samuel Sommers 450; Darrell Swarens 96; Susan Holsinger, Rochelle Holsinger, and Angela Meador 571; Rob Bahler 207t; Jim Helke 486; Jeff Begley 411; Johnny Lee 484.


Brad Bahler led 573 to begin the afternoon session. Leaders: Jan May 553; Ray Rechenberg 133; Ginny Landgraf 140; Holly Hauck and Dominic Austin 146; Rochelle Lodder 49t; Nate Zweig 105t; John Bahler 400; David Bahler 398b; Samuel Sommers 350; Darrell Swarens 463; Susan Holsinger 63; Rob Bahler 370; Jim Helke 138t; Jeff Begley 416t; Jan May 367; Ginny Landgraf 224.


Brad Bahler called the class back to order by leading 515. Johnny Lee of Hoboken, Georgia, gave a talk on the Hoboken style of singing and led 273. Leaders: Holly Hauck and Dominic Austin 270; Rochelle Lodder 276; Nate Zweig 368b; Brad Bahler 541.

Brad Bahler, Robert Bahler, and Samuel Sommers led 511b (in memory of Philip Wootten) as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Johnny Lee.

Chairman—Brad Bahler; Secretary—Robert Bahler