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Northern Shenandoah Valley
Shenandoah Harmony Singing

Cross Keys Ruritan Hall, Harrisonburg, Virginia

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The 2nd annual all-day singing from The Shenandoah Harmony was held on the first Sunday in June near Harrisonburg, Virginia. All song selections are from The Shenandoah Harmony. John delRe called the class to order leading 174. Ben Hartland offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Kelly Macklin 140t; Joshua Barnett 335; Kathy Manning 253; Alexa Silverman 260t; Erin Gum 364b; Les Updike 296; John Daniel delRe 143; Emily Owens 127; Diane Ober 1b; Joel Miller 45; Leyland delRe 402; Brenda Dunlap 89b; Ben Cocchiaro 197; Lucas Husted 264b; Bridget Camden 395; Graham DeZarn 321t; Jessica Keyes 69; John Alexander 411; Thomas Ward 131.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Kelly Macklin; Vice Chairman—Joshua Barnett; Secretary—Kathy Manning.


Sadhbh O’Flynn called the class to order leading 147. Leaders: Corinne Ducey 112; Julia Seidenstein 96t; Sam Kleinman 416; Matt Roberts 211; Liz Meitzler 338; Dan Hunter and Nathan Berry 60t; Adrian Mariano 304; Adrienne Robertson 191; Myles Louis Dakan 396; Ben Hartland 18b; Becky Wright 251; Hal Kunkel 372; Terry Ryan 254; Zachary Bullock 260b; Miranda Elliott Rader 210; Jason Steidl 140b; Chris Wilhelm 246b.


Kiri Miller called the class to order leading 208. Leaders: Jordan Lewis 22b; Leslie Booher 368; Kevin Griffin Moreno 321b; Adam Poole 414b; Mary Skidmore 278; Maura Burns 48.

Ben Sachs-Hamilton conducted the memorial lesson. He spoke of giving the roses while you live to those around us. He quoted Abraham Lincoln, who, when speaking of the fallen soldiers from the Civil War, implored the living to dedicate themselves and their lives to work for those lying in their graves. He read the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Elizabeth Borkenstein, Joan Trout, Skip Trout, Ramona Carlin, Norman von Holtzendorff, Martha Waide, Berkley Moore, Polly Henniger, and Carol Lunsford. He read the following list of names of the deceased: Art McNeil, Jonathan Noel Ishii, Lili Seidler, Rev. Terry Cramer, and Sherry Borkston—Virginia; Peter Majka—Maryland; Benjamin Burns—District of Columbia; Evelyn Steinruck, Robert Koenig, and Zea Piver—Pennsylvania; Charles Waide and Diane Mennella—New York; Raymond King—New Jersey; Sharon Kellam—North Carolina; Liza Berry and Pat Draper—Minnesota; Tammy Jette—Massachusetts; Jeff Sheppard and Shelbie Sheppard—Alabama; Betty—Texas; Hugh Bill McGuire—Mississippi; Jessie Slaughter—Missouri; Tom Deacy—Kansas. Ben led 25, and then closed the memorial lesson with a prayer.

Leaders: Dick Patterson 177; Carly Goss 16; Jim Glazer 274; Carolyn Deacy 132; Tim Morton 242. Thomas Ward offered the noon blessing.


Julia Seidenstein called the class to order leading 129b. Leaders: Amanda Jokerst 422; Jackson Fleder 180; Molly Bledsoe 305; Kiri Miller 199; Sadhbh O’Flynn 453; Ted Mercer 15; Nikos Pappas 294; Ben Copenhaver 330b; Sasha Hsuczyk 120t; Nathan Berry 187; Jeff Begley 367; Carol Huang 403; Barbara Patterson 324; Rachel Hall 429; Dan Coppock 362; Jerusha Wheeler 214; Erica Martinez 57; Colin Duggan 226; Nancy Mandel 116.


Sonia Chin called the class to order leading 438t. Leaders: Leon Pulsinelle 434t; Chris McKnight 381; Nancy Britton 244; Chris Coughlin 243; Rachel Speer 114; Bethany Towne 340b; Gideon Dresdner 108; Claire Steiner 207; Nora Miller 87; Stuart Jackson and Jeremy Bass 5t; Martha Burns 85; Peter Pate 236b; Jim Strube 431; Ben Sachs-Hamilton 329.

Announcements were made. Rachel Hall offered resolutions and thanks to all who made the singing possible. There were over 100 registrants from two countries, sixteen states, and the District of Columbia.

Kelly Macklin led 12b as the closing song. Thomas Ward offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Kelly Macklin; Vice Chairman—Joshua Barnett; Secretary—Kathy Manning